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NSL Cloud Mondial 2020

Rounds 1 - 4 and 5 - 8 and 9 - 10 of the NSL Cloud Mondial 2020 in 8-way

Scores for Meet on Nov 2nd, 2020

Nov 2nd, 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 22,21,M 5,C,H,J 7,3,6 10,E,9 18,L,B,F D,20,15 17,P,A,1 8,Q,12 N,13,K,11 G,14,O,2 4,19,16 Total Avg
1 Airspeed XP8  US  E 19 -1 22    23    18    25    20 -1 20 -1 16 -1 21    16 -1 21 -1  200 20.0
2 France National 8-way  FR  E 18 -1 20 -1 21 -1 18    23 -1 22    23    17    20    16 -1 -     198 19.8
3 Airbus M√ľnchen  DE  E 15    14    14 -2 11 -1 15 -1 14 -1 16    12    13 -1 12    15    136 13.6

News Associated With This Event

Did you know that Christine Malnis, Sophia Pecout and Gaelle Giesen provided French insights?
posted: Nov 13th, 2020 The aftermath of the NSL Cloud Mondial 2020 continues with an update from France, where the national 8-way team was back in training this week. The three female members of the French 8-way Open Class... (more)
Did you know that a competition is 10 times of one round?
posted: Nov 4th, 2020 Matt Davidson was back today to provide expert commentary for the 8-way competition of the NSL Cloud Mondial 2020. He and his wife, Golden Knights member Jennifer Davidson, had evaluated the situation... (more)
Did you know that Airspeed XP8 won the NSL Cloud Mondial by two points?
posted: Nov 4th, 2020 The 8-way competition of the NSL Cloud Mondial 2020 is over. The three teams all completed ten rounds. Airspeed XP8 and Airbus also added Round 11, while France were not able to perform the extra round,... (more)
Did you know that Eliana Rodriguez, Craig Girard and Dan BC share more with each other than FAI gold medals?
posted: Oct 30th, 2020 NSL-TV received some of the meet videos from Southern California Skydiving League co-director Mary SantAngelo, including the four rounds of the AAA Class leader, Jerry and the Jets. Mary SantAngelo competed... (more)
Did you know that Craig Girard and Jeremie Rollett will comment NSL Cloud Mondial 8-way on Monday?
posted: Oct 29th, 2020 The schedule is set for the NSL News coverage of the NSL Cloud Mondial 2020, and it will begin with the 8-way competition. The scores and videos of the first four rounds will be posted on Monday morning.... (more)
Did you know that the top game is on for NSL Cloud Mondial 8-way?
posted: Oct 27th, 2020 The NSL Cloud Mondial 2020 has become reality. The videos of the eleven rounds have long traveling behind them, and they will soon be linked to the scores on the leaderboards. The team videographers... (more)
Did you know that several competitors will perform the same numbers and letters in different 4-way and 8-way sequences?
posted: Oct 25th, 2020 The official deadline for the submission of videos for the NSL Cloud Mondial 2020 is over. However, a few teams needed some additional time, and it will probably take until the end of the month until all... (more)
Did you know that Thomas Spielvogel completed 15,000 during the NSL Cloud Mondial weekend of Airbus?
posted: Oct 7th, 2020 The NSL Cloud Mondial 2020 includes an 8-way leaderboard too, and it will be a very interesting one. The French national 8-way team and Airspeed XP8 will be posting their next scores and videos a year... (more)