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Scores for Meet on Jun 1st, 2013

Jun 1st, 2013
1 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 12,9,G Total Avg
1 Wolf Pack  DE  E 11 11 11.0
1 AtomiX  DE  E 11 11 11.0
3 Drachenfeuer  DE  E 8 8 8.0
4 New Might Do  DE  E 7 7 7.0
4 Nameless Fearless  DE  E 7 7 7.0
6 Askania  DE  E 5 5 5.0

News Associated With This Event

News Article Did you know that the AtomiX lineup is a perfect fit?
posted: Jun 4th, 2013 The second meet in Germany last weekend, the Northern German Championship 2013 in Kassel, was completely weathered out. It was expected to become the first AAA Class showdown between the new Gamma Ray... (more)
News Article Did you know that Germany was under water this weekend?
posted: Jun 2nd, 2013 Germany had two 4way meets scheduled for the weekend. The first part of the Nord Cup and the Northern German Championships were supposed to take place at two different locations. Unfortunately, the... (more)
News Article Did you know that there is no 4way vacuum in Germany?
posted: May 6th, 2013 The NSL News reported on 1 April 2013 that Germany "has a 4way vacuum to be filled this year after the national 4way team of the past years, Paratec-Saar, announed to discontinue with training and competition.... (more)