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Did You Know...

... that there is no 4way vacuum in Germany?

Complete Gamma Ray lineup with coach Shannon Pilcher
posted May 6th, 2013 - The NSL News reported on 1 April 2013 that Germany "has a 4way vacuum to be filled this year after the national 4way team of the past years, Paratec-Saar, announed to discontinue with training and competition. The same story covered a training camp of the new EADS lineup who plan to fill the vacuum, and the story on 30 April 2013 followed up with the introduction of another German 2013 medal contender, Gamma Ray.

The 4way vacuum in Germany may not be as big as it was reported. Joern Thiele, Center Inside of the German national 4way team Paratec-Saar, informed the NSL News that his team is still alive and active. Only Point Max Thiele and Center Outside Dieter Schwarz, the complete front piece, have stepped back, while the rear piece (Joern Thiele, Markus Bastuck) continues this year.

He said that Max Thiele and Center Outside Dieter Schwarz will also be available as the alternates for Paratec-Saar, which guarantees the status as the official national team even with a new lineup and two new members, at least until the German Nationals 2013.

Paratec-SaarISB Air Remscheid
Paratec-Saar at the Mondial Dubai 2012
Joern Thiele's and Markus Bastuck's plans go beyond maintaining the status of the national team and continuing the Paratec-Saar team project, which is one of the longest standing ones in the world and the most successful one in Germany. In fact, they have a new lineup, and the two new members are promising a good chance to defend the national title successfully this year.

The two Paratec-Saar members are teaming up with two members of the former German national team in the female category, ISB Air Remscheid, who were one of the top contenders in the world before a very unfortunate accident of one of the team members threw the team off course.

Petra van Overveld was the Point for ISB Air Remscheid, and Anne Heinrich was in the Tail slot. They have been trying to re-build their own team and were also looking out for new opportunities when it became clear that ISB Air Remscheid would not continue with the 2011 lineup. Petra van Overveld's last appearance was with Satori Chix at the World Challenge 2013.

ISB Air Remscheid at the World Challenge 2012
Joern Thiele said that the male rear piece will continue in their original slots, while the two former ISB Air Remscheid members will fly together in the front piece. That's a significant change for Anne Heinrich who had the Tail slot in her previous team. Petra van Overveld was the Point for ISB Air and recently had to study the Tail slot for her job with Satori Chix in Bedford.

Anne Heinrich will switch from Tail to Point, while Petra van Overveld is back in the front piece, only in the Center Outside slot. She will be able to provide good advice for her piece partner who is new in the Point position. Volunteer and personal coach Waedong So, former NMP-PCH Hayabusa Point, will have great additional hints.

The new Paratec-Saar lineup is in training by now, indoor and outdoor. Markus Bastuck, host of the World Cup 2011 on his home turf, recently piloted the DZ's new Super Van from the USA to Saarlouis where the team will take advantage of the new jump plane. The team's goal for 2013 is to get back to the same performance level where the previous lineup was.

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