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NSL News

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Did you know that Elsinore GT prepares for the 2005 season with a new line-up?
posted: Feb 16th, 2005 The top contenders of the AAA Class competition in the U.S.A. have completed the team forming process. DeLand Majik was the last one to announce the line-up for the 2005 season. Additional team forming, change of line-ups and recruiting efforts have also taken place everywhere in the country between the end of the 2004 season and the beginning of the 2005 season, and it is still in progress. The NSL News will try to offer as much information as possible as of teams for this year's events. Elsinore GT recently provided information of the team plans for the new season. The team of the Southwest... (more)
Did you know that John Hoover of the Golden Knights provided the Valentine's meet story?
posted: Feb 14th, 2005 The NSL News was not very patient in an effort to get first-hand information of the season opener at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. John Hoover, team captain of the Golden Knights, was one of the NSL News targets for an early update. Hoover has been a consistent provider of articles for the Skydiving Magazine, and he competed with his team at the SSL Valentine's Meet last weekend. The meet was barely completed when Hoover was already contacted by the NSL News with a request for a meet story. The Army team's captain took his off-time on Monday to write the update, and the NSL News appreciates the great... (more)
Did you know that the Golden Knights Black 2005 line-up passed the 20.0 average mark in Eloy?
posted: Feb 13th, 2005 It surely was not a very fast competition draw at the SSL Valentine's Meet 2005 at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. The Golden Knights Black team completed the 6-round meet with a 20.2 average. Airspeed Odyssey with Craig Girard, Eliana Rodriguez, Brian Johnson, Andy Delk and Will Pesek (video) finished four points behind the Golden Knights with a 19.5 meet average. Airspeed Velocity with Neal Houston, Kirk Verner, Dennis Rook, Andy Honigbaum and Steve Nowak (video) took the third place with an 18.7 average. Here are the 4-way scores: (more)
Did you know that the last round of the NSL Championship 2004 comes along with top scores scores from the Valentine's Meet?
posted: Feb 12th, 2005 The last round of the NSL Championship 2004 is now featured on NSL-TV. The timing will hopefully be perfect since the first competition of the 2005 season is already in full swing. Although the weather forecast for Saturday has been bad enough to not expect any skydiving, the SSL Valentine's Meet at Skydive Arizona in Eloy has already the scores of three complete rounds on the scoreboard. The AAA Class teams even have the scores for four rounds already. (more)
Did you know that the SSL Valentine's Meet kicks off the 2005 season this weekend?
posted: Feb 11th, 2005 Time has come, the first meet of the Southwest Skydiving League will launch the 2005 season in 4-way Formation Skydiving competition tomorrow. The tradition of the Valentine's Money Meet at Skydive Arizona in Eloy goes back much farther than the history of the Southwest Skydiving League. However, league and event joined forces in 2003 and have become the season opener ever since. The competition draw will be posted on the front page of the NSL website, as it has become part of the procedure in the past years. The download and printout options will also be offered once again. The NSL News was... (more)
Did you know that Belgian's Spa HayaBusa opens the 2005 season at the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005?
posted: Feb 10th, 2005 The NSL News reported several times of events in Europe in the past years. The Belgian 4-way team HayaBusa was featured several times due to the impressive team progression and winning results at the events of the European Skydiving League. Spa HayaBusa finally qualified in 2004 as the Belgian national team, and the NSL News continued to cover HayaBusa's road to and the performance at the world meet in Croatia 2004. Spa HayaBusa recently provided the NSL News with another team update and the plans for 2005. The 2004 season was very successful for the Belgian national 4-way team, Spa HayaBusa.... (more)