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NSL News

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Did you know that the European Skydiving League continues to grow?
posted: Jan 30th, 2004 While the teams in the U.S.A. are only two weeks away from the first competition of the new year, the European Skydiving League will launch the 2004 season in April. NSL teams can already attend the Valentine's Meet 2004 at Skydive Arizona on February 14-15 that has now been included in the schedule of the Southwest Skydiving League. The Florida Skydiving League will be next on March 12-14 with the third version of the FSL Shamrock Showdown at Skydive DeLand. SSL and FSL will then hold their second season meet in April before the European Skydiving League will run its first 2004 competition... (more)
Did you know that the Carolina Skydiving League is having a 2004 Planning Meeting?
posted: Jan 27th, 2004 The Carolina Skydiving League will have a 2004 planning and scheduling meeting in Raeford, NC on Friday, January 30th at 8:00 PM. (more)
Did you know that Denmark has plans for a new pursuit of medals at the World Meet?
posted: Jan 24th, 2004 The NSL News interviewed Sebastian XL member Pete Allum in November last year. The full-time coach and world class competitor had just moved to DeLand and was hired as the new national coach of the Danish 4-way team. Allum mentioned in the interview that "the team will make 800 – 1000 jumps each year, up to 2006." He added that the team has great plans: "The objective is to stand on the podium in 2006." The NSL News followed up on the interview with the Danish project manager, Flemming Nøddegaard and asked for more information. Nøddegaard provided the NSL News with a copy of the project documentation. The... (more)
Did you know that awards ceremony and party completed a great event?
posted: Sep 13th, 2003 The award ceremony and the closing ceremony on Saturday afternoon wrapped up an extraordinary event in many ways. Mondial 2003 offered exciting competition in all events. The event management was near to perfect. And the competition was very entertaining for the public audience, the media and last not least also for the athletes. Even though the weather was not perfect all the time, Mondial 2003 Director, Patrice Girardin, managed to complete all the events within the planned time frame. (more)
Did you know that there was still no winner after 11 rounds?
posted: Sep 13th, 2003 Russia was still in the defensive mode in round eleven, the jump-off that was supposed to be the tie-breaker. However, the defending world champion managed to pick up the speed enough to finish with the same score as Airspeed after a slow start. The crowd knew instantly what another tied round would mean for the World Championship. Russia had successfully defended the 8-way Excalibur. The rule book says that the highest score of the competition determines the winner if a jump-off does not break the tied situation. And Russia had the highest score of the meet with their 26 points in round five. (more)
Did you know that Airspeed and Russia are tied after ten rounds?
posted: Sep 13th, 2003 It came as many hoped for. Russia and U.S.A. are now tied in first place and have to jump again to break the tie. Airspeed and France both posted 16s in a slow round, while Russia once again looked more cautious through this sequence. The jump-off will only be between U.S.A. and Russia. And the teams have already begun preparing the new sequence. The crowd is excited. And the most experienced 8-way competitor in the field, Craig Girard, can't wait to go up for the first jump-off of his career. Can it get more exciting? (more)
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