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NSL News

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Did you know that the AA Class teams were on stage at the MASL meet in Cross Keys?
posted: Jun 23rd, 2004 Mostly cooperative skies and the perpetually dependable staff of Cross Keys skydiving made for an all around good experience during the Mid Atlantic opening meet this past weekend. Three teams competed at the meet, two in the AA Class and one in the AAA Class.The AA Class competition was stiff. CK Air Pollution returned this year with a new tail and bigger and better training plans. Air Pollution's competition, a newly formed team called Controlled Descent, had brought a coach up for the weekend, Brian Johnson. Using his presence to good effect, Descent opened up a quick lead over Pollution, and... (more)
Did you know that A Class and Rookie Class teams had a very exciting competition at the Midwest Skydiving League?
posted: Jun 23rd, 2004 What a difference a month makes! The big story of the Midwest Skydiving League season opener in May was the weather. On June 19th the league held its second meet and the competitors took center stage - the way it should be.Hinckley 5 put on a show in the AAA Class. We certainly hope to see them next month. Good Vibrations put on another impressive performance. The team changed to a less experienced line-up and decided to give the AA Class a shot. As the scores show, the team was ready for the challenge. We look forward to seeing what the Good Vibrations decides to do at the next meet.The A Class... (more)
Did you know that the Northwest Skydiving League launched the 2004 season successfully?
posted: Jun 22nd, 2004 After a 1.5 hour drive south on Interstate 5 we were welcomed by Urban Moore, Whitney, Kevin, and Kyle at Eugene Skydivers. The friendly hosts are always happy to see vising skydivers. However, on Saturday morning we were greeted by the usual cloud layer we have come so accustomed to seeing in the past weeks. The last few days had been very clear, but that was not the case Saturday morning. Most of the competitors decided to have a team breakfast at a local bar/restaurant. The waitress was not quite as excited to see us as the drop zone staff had been. However, it cleared to a warm and sunny day... (more)
Did you know that the Indiana Skydiving League kicked off the 2004 season with the second attempt?
posted: Jun 21st, 2004 The weather in the central part of the county finally gave competitors a break! Meet 2 of the Indiana Skydiving League kicked off Saturday morning under broken skies. With only one short weather hold throughout the day the meet progressed nicely and finished with daylight to spare. The teams who attended were the same teams who came out last month and sat through a stalled front. Airtight returns with an improved performance over last year. Soylent Greene was sporting new team t-shirts with a recycling emblem and turned in an excellent performance with an alternate flying point. (more)
Did you know that the Carolina Skydiving League has strong grass roots?
posted: Jun 20th, 2004 Skydive Carolina hosted the 3rd CaSL meet for 2004 the weekend of June 12, 2004. Danny Smith provided an outstanding facility and offered team rates Friday - Sunday. Randy Garman, CaSL Director extraordinaire, organized a terrific meet and kept it moving along as quickly as possible on a very high-volume skydiving day.Friday was crystal clear and provided great weather for practice jumps. Introductory Class team Insane in the Plane and AA Class team Carolina ICE were at the DZ making practice jumps. The day ended with a birthday celebration for ICE member Bruce Travis complete with a birthday cake... (more)
Did you know that the Great Lakes Skydiving League launched the 2004 season successfully?
posted: Jun 19th, 2004 The first GLSL meet of the season has demonstrated that 2004 is off to a good start for the serious competitors as well as the weekend “fun” teams. Five teams competed for bragging rights at AerOhio Skydiving Center in Rittman, Ohio. The two rookie teams, FKKR and Bon Voyage competed head to head, many times on the same aircraft load, trying desperately to “one up” each other. The spirit of friendly competition was evident among these two pick up teams! At the end, Bon Voyage was victorious, due largely in part to an exit induced goose egg by FKKR. The A class was entertaining to... (more)
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