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NSL News

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Did you know that that he NPSL continues to get lucky with great weather and even greater coaching?
posted: Jun 16th, 2004 The Northern Plains Skydiving League opened up the second meet Saturday morning with blues skies and no wind. The surf was up for the NPSL meet two at Skydive Twin Cities with three new teams joining the league. This again followed a week of thunderstorms even into Friday night. The three new teams beginning their seasons at this meet were Mind Crime and Fair ABBA in the AAA Class, plus Cockeyed in the AA Class.Mind Crime reunites from last year and competes once again in the AAA Class. Mind Crime 2004 consists of Andy Junghans (Insice Center), Greg Heideman (Point), John Arnold (Tail), Dan Feess... (more)
Did you know that the Russian Sky Panthers were only one point behind Sinapsi PD last year?
posted: Jun 15th, 2004 Last not least it is time to introduce the Russian teams that will compete at the IPC Anton Malevsky Memorial World Cup 2004 on their home turf. Ten Russian 4-way teams had signed up before the registration deadline of June 1st. The rules of the International Parachuting Commission (IPC) allow only a total of four teams to represent the same nation at the IPC World Cups. The Sky Panthers, Extreme.RU, Kolomna Quick Blue and Synairgy will officially compete for IPC medals in Stupino, while six other Russian teams are registered as guest teams. (more)
Did you know that DeLand Scape posted a 16.0 average at Skydive City?
posted: Jun 14th, 2004 Skydive City in Zephyrhills hosted the fourth meet of the Florida Skydiving League 2004 season. Six teams made the trip to one of the oldest professional skydiving centers in the world. DZ manager TK Hayes welcomed the FSL teams with a treat in the morning and served his most famous pancakes while the competitors registered and prepared for the first round.The Saturday with typical Florida summer weather started out with blue skies and sunshine. Around noon, the summer clouds had built up enough to interfere with the skydiving operation, and weather holds needed to be called for the safety of the... (more)
Did you know that South Africa's Formation Skydiving competition keeps growing?
posted: Jun 11th, 2004 The 2004 South African Skydiving National Championships took place in Margate from 1 - 4 June 2004. The training camp for Nationals ran from 22 May until 31 May with all jumps being from 14 000ft. Margate is a fantastic jumping venue on the South African coast with awesome views of the sea and beach landings optional. Solly Williams from Deland Majik was coaching for the whole training period. The Formation Skydiving competition at Nationals was by far the biggest section of the meet. Eleven 4-way teams, two 8-way teams, and fourteen 2-way teams took part in the event. Most clubs in the country... (more)
Did you know that the new NSL website is complete and was launched yesterday?
posted: Jun 11th, 2004 The NSL News mentioned on June 1st that the NSL headquarters was working on the final preparations for the launch of the new website. Ten days later, webmaster Craig Buxton said that time has come to get serious about it. Finally, yesterday's NSL Newsletter announced that the NSL will launch the new website this weekend.The transition has been completed. Don't be surprised if your next visit to might offer you a slightly different screen. The NSL headquarters and local webmaster, veteran coach and competitor Craig Buxton, have worked hard for quite a while to get the new website ready... (more)
Did you know that the Georgia Skydiving League beat the weather on the second day of the meet?
posted: Jun 9th, 2004 The second GSL meet of the season was held at Atlanta Skydiving Center in Cedartown, Georgia on May 29th. Five teams showed up ready to compete: Inviscid and Kinesis in the Advanced Class and GT Airlock, GT Fusion, and Intrepid in the Intermediate Class. Unlike the first meet of the season at Skydive Monroe, poor weather kept the teams on the ground for the duration of the day. The teams were released early in the evening.Because the meet had to be continued on Sunday, neither Intrepid nor GT Airlock was able to return to compete in the Intermediate Class. However, GT Fusion, a second Georgia Tech... (more)
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