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NSL News

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Did you know that the story of round 3 in the female event??
posted: Sep 7th, 2003 The defending U.S. champion Synchronicity lost even more ground in a round where the Norgie Girls extended their lead to three points over V-Max. It was an excellent performance by the Norgies. However, they were very fortunate when the judges did not call a grip switch and questionable break after the exit. It was a close call since the video was running three times over the judges' screens. And they finally accepted the transition. It gave Norway the score the team deserved for a great jump. Now it will be up to V-Max to take action if the British team does not want to fall further behind and... (more)
Did you know that the story of the opening rounds?
posted: Sep 7th, 2003 No news on the 4-way Women's front. The teams got hit by penalties just as much as the 4-way Open teams yesterday. And, once again, the punishment was consistent. The three top teams each lost two points on the same issue - centerpoints crossing each other. The only difference was that the Women's teams had one day to make a plan after the Open teams were straightened out already yesterday. It shows how much this new policy hurts the teams. They trained the other techniques all year long and could not get it out of the system overnight. The good part: it shows how well the teams are trained. The... (more)
Did you know that the story of round 2 in 4-way?
posted: Sep 7th, 2003 Round two went much smoother for all the teams. There was only one penalty within the group of the first ten teams in the rankings. No wonder, none of the vertical techniques were part of the sequence. In fact, there is only one more block left with the potential for trouble, Block 6 (Stardian - Stardian). This block will be up in round three. Only Sebastian XL's score of 24 points was reduced to 22 after an incomplete Diamond at the very end of the sequence. Bad luck for the U.K. team since their performance has been right on the very top level of the field through the first two rounds. One penalty... (more)
Did you know that the story of round 1 in 4-way?
posted: Sep 7th, 2003 Wondering about all the penalties in round one? Well, the judges obviously decided to pull through with their new policy regarding certain block techniques. Like it or not, at least they are consistent with their surprise action. Many of the top teams were caught with their "old" techniques. Four of the five top contenders lost points due to penalties, and all of them for the same reason that the NSL News explained yesterday. France, Norway and Italy had centerpoint issues with Block 12 (Zipper - Star), while the U.K. team, Sebastian XL, did Block 1 (Snowflake - Offset) in a way that the judges... (more)
Did you know that the NSL News interviewed the chief judge on the rule interpretation??
posted: Sep 7th, 2003 After the opening "penalty round" of the 4-way event, the NSL News followed up on the judging issue with an interview of the German FAI Event Judge in Gap, Klaus Wellens. Here is the other side of the medal explained by Wellens: (more)
Did you know that teams had to deal with rules today??
posted: Sep 7th, 2003 The competition draw is out, and it does not seem to be very fast, as some of the experts commented it. Does this mean anything when all the teams are jumping the same sequences anyway? DeLand Majik member Solly Williams, who is coaching several teams in Gap, explained how the draw can make a difference: "The slower the draw is, the more difficult it is for any team to run away from the field. We will probably see a tight competition with possibly more teams in the run than with a fast draw. And we might also not see the top teams scoring higher than 22.0 average." The sequences have now been added... (more)
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