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NSL News

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News Article Did you know that Joey Jones evaluated the results from Eloy?
posted: Feb 1st, 2002 The NSL News takes a break from the recent coverage of the corona virus situation in many different ways. Several updates came from teams, competitors and officials in different parts of the skydiving world, and they will be continued very soon with a new update from the Czech Republic. One of the most recent NSL Live Talk conversations came from the Coaches Corner on April 29th. Gary Smith and Joey Jones discussed the situation after the cancellation and rescheduling of the FAI Mondial Tanay 2020. It was another coincidence that the next NSL News step back into the unpublished archives of... (more)
News Article Did you know that Shannon Har-Noy Pilcher commented the FAI World Meet 2001?
posted: Jul 4th, 2001 The NSL News goes back in time again, after another interesting NSL Live Talk with the German national team Oceanside AtomiX and an update from Germany. The new NSL News interview with Shannon Har-Noy Pilcher from July 2001 covered the same time period when Carl-Erik Tuv, Chris Talbert, Craig Girard and John Hoover were his direct opponents. There is a difference though between the other VIPs, as Shannon Pilcher had not yet competed at a FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving. He was coaching the Norwegian national team in 4-way Women, TNT, who competed at the first world meet where... (more)
News Article Did you know that Solly Williams wrapped up the FAI World Meet 2001?
posted: Jun 27th, 2001 Solly Williams was the 5th world-class competitor who provided his commentary of the FAI Word Meet 2001 for the NSL News. Carl-Erik Tuv had started with a preview in September 2000, followed by Craig Girard and his view in December and John Hoover just a few months before the competition in June 2001. Shannon Har-Noy Pilcher then e-mailed updates from Spain during the competition to the NSL News and met for an interview back in DeLand. Solly Williams wrapped up the meet coverage with a summary on July 3rd. He was still in Spain and wrote the summary after the "dust had settled". Only Carl-Erik... (more)
News Article Did you know that Golden Knights team captain John Hoover provided an accurate preview in 2001?
posted: Apr 20th, 2001 The NSL News continues to toggle back and forth between new NSL Live Talk and other interviews that were documented in the past. The first three ones with Carl-Erik Tuv, Chris Talbert and Craig Girard were all related to each other, as they were direct opponents in the same time period. The new NSL News interview with Golden Knights team captain John Hoover took place on 20 April 2001. Craig Girard was preparing for 4-way and 8-way double-duties at the FAI World Meet 2001, where he would meet Carl-Erik Tuv in 4-way competition. Chris Talbert and John Hoover had switched to 4-way with the... (more)
News Article Did you know that Craig Girard reflected on Airspeed and the wind tunnel??
posted: Dec 21st, 2000 The NSL News continues with interviews that have not been published yet at SKYLEAGUE.COM. The series began with thoughts of DeLand Norgies member Carl-Erik Tuv, which were documented in September 2000. Golden Knights member Chris Talbert then explained in November 2000 how and why the U.S. Army team was switching the focus from 8-way to 4-way competition. A month later, the NSL News met with Craig Girard at SkyVenture Orlando. He was in Florida for an indoor training camp with his 4-way team Airspeed Vertical. This new Arizona Airspeed lineup (Craig Girard, John Eagle, Neal Houston, Mark Kirkby,... (more)
News Article Did you know that that Golden Knight Chris Talbert was explaining the future of the U.S. Army team??
posted: Nov 7th, 2000 The NSL News began last week to go back in time and publish information and interviews that could not be found at SKYLEAGUE.COM so far. The stories and the written interviews were published at the previous NSL website long ago and had not made it into the current NSL News database and archives. The first interview featured DeLand Norgies member Carl-Erik Tuv shortly before the USPA Nationals 2000. The next one took place after the event. Chris Talbert explained the future of the Golden Knights on 7 November 2000. The U.S. Army's 8-way team had lost the battle with Arizona Airspeed again and... (more)