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NSL News

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News Article Did you know that Shannon Pilcher comments the female 4-way event?
posted: Sep 11th, 2003 NSL NEWS: Shannon, what happened to the Norgie Girls yesterday in round six? SHANNON PILCHER: We had a bad exit and we knew it was the only thing that we had to worry about in that jump. We even talked about trying to hold the Yuan in training for just a second. But it is just so steep that you cannot hold it. After the funnel, we regrouped and had the best skydive of all the teams, I believe. But the damage was already done. NSL NEWS: Here are some questions from the NSL audience. What is your impression of the women's FS4 competition? The Norwegian and British teams haven't changed much since... (more)
News Article Did you know that the story of round 5 in 8-way?
posted: Sep 11th, 2003 What did Solly mention yesterday: "8-way has the tendency for teams to lose a round by two or three points and very often make it up on the next jump." Here we go. Round five changed the picture once again. Russia had the best engineering and a crisp jump. The defending world champion won the round three points over Airspeed and now leads by two. France had an excellent and perfectly clean jump, as well. Airspeed took a longer move to build the Hope Diamond and might have lost the round right there. France is now closer to Airspeed. However, the distance to the leader is still seven points. The... (more)
News Article Did you know that the Norgie Girls won the last highscore?
posted: Sep 10th, 2003 It would not be surprising to feel some disappointment in the Norwegian camp. The Norgie Girls posted the highest scores in seven of the ten rounds. They had three rounds with one bad exit and two penalties. And that was enough to throw them off the first place. The team delivered another world class performance in the final round and made up three points. But it was too late. V-Max safely carried it home and won by a lead of three remaining points. Who was the better team? There is only one true answer: the team that has the highest total of points after ten rounds... (more)
News Article Did you know that V-Max wins the game in round 9?
posted: Sep 10th, 2003 What a meet. Round nine set the teams in the final medal positions. Nothing will change anymore in the remaining round ten. V-Max showed all the confidence they needed and followed their plan to skydive hard, even as the leader of the pack. It worked. The 16 points for round nine was a good score. However, the security of the gold medal position came more with help by the Norgie Girls. The sympathetic team from Scandinavia did not like this sequence. The exit and their continuity plan forced them into B-slots for the difficult Block 18 (Zircon - Zircon) too many times. And it showed. Missed block... (more)
News Article Did you know that V-Max and Norgie Girls continue the battle?
posted: Sep 10th, 2003 The 4-way Women's event has turned into the tightest competition of all events at the World Meet. It was close from the very beginning between the Norgie Girls and V-Max. And it has also been a hot race for the third place between U.S.A., France and Italy. Norway seemed to have the control throughout the first five rounds of the meet until the exit Cat+Acc in round six stopped the dominant performance. V-Max could not hang on to the lead in round seven. However, when they lost their first lead of the whole meet and fell back to the second place, it brought back the British energy that had came... (more)
News Article Did you know that the story of round 7 in 4-way?
posted: Sep 10th, 2003 Round seven probably secured the Golden Knights' silver medal. The DeLand Norgies lost a point on the hill due to a non-judgeable formation and another two points after a penalty that was very difficult to detect. The judges needed very sharp eyes for this round since the pace of the top teams was very fast. While the Norgies might have lost all of their small chances for a silver medal, Italy's Sinapsi PD and U.K.'s Sebastian XL gained from Norway's bad luck and are back in touch with the third place. Sinapsi PD moved also one point closer to XL with great score of 22 points. These three teams... (more)