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ASL News

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Did you know that the Arizona Skydiving League 2019 is gaining momentum before the ASL/SCSL showdown in April?
posted: Mar 26th, 2019 It is not really a big surprise that the comeback of the Arizona Skydiving League is gaining momentum meet by meet. One of the major reasons is the free world class coaching that the participating teams and competitors can enjoy at the meets in Eloy. Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon have been managing the events and providing their 4-way knowledge and expertise at the first three events of the 2019 season. However, other world class competitors and coaches have been joining the meets and adding to the 4-way experience of the participating teams. Arizona Airspeed member Mikhail Markine... (more)
Did you know that Craig Girard joined Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon at the ASL February meet?
posted: Feb 8th, 2019 The indoor competition season is still in full swing and will continue for many teams until World Challenge and FAI Indoor World Meet are over, while World Tunnel League and Indoor Cloud League events continue throughout the whole year. The indoor season in the United States concludes usually with the Paraclete XP Indoor Championships in February, and the Shamrock Showdown in DeLand, Florida, has been the first outdoor competition for many years. However, it used to be the Valentine's Meet at Skydive Arizona in February that launched the U.S. outdoor season before the Shamrock Shamrock followed... (more)
Did you know that the first Arizona Skydiving League meet of the year was a treat for the teams?
posted: Jan 14th, 2019 The NSL News announced on 20 December 2018 that the Arizona Skydiving League has a comeback this year, with Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon managing the activities and organizing the events. The first meet of the year was successfully completed last weekend, and the four participating teams could enjoy the full attention of the two world class competitors and highly experienced coaches. In fact, it got even better when current Arizona Airspeed member Mikhail Markine joined Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon at the ASL season opener on his home turf. He was also player-coaching the... (more)
Did you know that Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon offer free coaching at the Arizona Skydiving League 2019 events?
posted: Dec 20th, 2018 It's been a long time since the Arizona Skydiving League posted the last scores that were generated at an ASL 4-way competition. In fact, it was Pat For 5 (Pat Atkin, Lou Massie, Sarah Smith, Kim Winslow, Jim Vance on camera) who competed at two meets in 2015 before the league went into hibernation. The Arizona Skydiving League grew out of the Southwest Skydiving League, which was launched in 2004 and then split up into the Arizona and the Southern California leagues. The Arizona Skydiving League had its most active period in 2007 and 2008 when Arizona Divewerkz, USPA Advanced Class champion... (more)
Did you know that Airspeed competed against Airspeed at the Valentine's Meet?
posted: Feb 19th, 2015 Niklas Hemlin mentioned the Valentine's Meet during the NSL Talk on 17 February 2015, and the Sun Path Products NSL News promised to follow up with scores and more information. The meet was completed last weekend, with eight teams competing in the AA/Intermediate Class. All current Arizona Airspeed members participated as player coaches, except for Thomas Hughes who is still recovering from the broken hand that he suffered at the bicycle accident on the day before the start of the Wind Games. Niklas Hemlin and Chris Farina each had two lineups, and Thiago Gomes guided another team through... (more)
Did you know that Arizona Airspeed took the 1st place at the January 2011 meet in Dubai?
posted: Feb 24th, 2012 Arizona Airspeed's Thomas Hughes discussed the results of the 3rd Dubai Championship 2011 with the NSL News in a live interview on 5 December 2011. He said that his team was just beginning with the first training camp after the USPA Nationals 2011 and that the competition draw of the 3rd Dubai Championship would surely be a part of the upcoming Airspeed training. Thomas Hughes was impressed with the performance of Aerodyne Aerokart from France and NMP-PCH Hayabusa from Belgium, and there was a good reason. The NSL News evaluated the Dubai results and crunched some numbers for the Blue... (more)
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