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ASL News

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Did you know that the two busiest 4-way outdoor teams of 2019 were back in January?
posted: Jan 24th, 2020 The Arizona Skydiving League held the first 4-way outdoor competition of the new year. The early start of the 2020 season at Skydive Arizona still attracted three teams to Eloy, and two of the busiest teams of the 2019 season were back in action, AZ Defiance and AZ Windfall. The NSL News just pointed out with yesterday's coverage of the NSL World Team Rankings 2019 that AZ Defiance was the busiest 4-way outdoor team throughout the 2019 season. AZ Windfall were actually right behind their regular 4-way opponents in Eloy, with seven 4-way outdoor meets last year. AZ Windfall started the 2020... (more)
Did you know that Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon are back for the Arizona Skydiving League 2020 season?
posted: Jan 7th, 2020 Great news are coming once again from the west coast. Josh Hall, Arizona Airspeed 4-way world champion of 2012, had announced on 18 December 2019 that the Southern California Skydiving League has scheduled three outdoor meets for the 2020 season. Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon now followed up with a complete 2020 schedule for the Arizona Skydiving League. They had re-activated the league last year and hosted a total of eleven 4-way meets at Skydive Arizona. Most of the events featured additional Arizona Airspeed members providing coaching services that were included in the registration... (more)
Did you know that three Airspeed XP8 members met at the ASL November competition?
posted: Nov 20th, 2019 The latest scores on the NSL leaderboard came once again from Arizona, where Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon had invited 4-way teams and competitors to the 11th meet at Skydive Arizona this year. One more is scheduled for December before the 2020 season will begin in January. Arizona Airspeed members Niklas Hemlin and Mikhail Markine were back as player coaches, after they have been supporting Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon at almost each ASL meet this year. They are now also 8-way team mates with Michelle Karamon as Airspeed XP8 members. The NSL News had reported on November... (more)
Did you know that Joey Who??? is actually Ranch 2nd Generation's Joey Marshall?
posted: Nov 10th, 2019 Joey Who??? is actually Joey Marshall, original member of Ranch 2nd Generation, who is currently under scrutiny of Arizona Airspeed, as the NSL News reported on November 3rd. Arizona Skydiving League organizers Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon have followed up with the videos of the October competition, which are now available for reviews. Joey Marshall and Christopher Kuhlmann were in the very first R2G lineup together and attended their first meets in the A and AA categories of 2015 and 2016. Joey Marshall has been in the point slot ever since, Christopher Kuhlmann at outside center.... (more)
Did you know that Kinetix has competed more than any other Australian team before?
posted: Nov 8th, 2019 2019 has been a very busy competition year for the Australian team Kinetix. It began with the national outdoor championship in March that the team won for the first time. Rotor Out, Australia's national 4-way champions of the last decade and the country's national team at the last five world meets discontinued after the FAI World Meet 2018, and the 4-way door was open for a new team. Simon Disassico, who is a former Rotor Out member, and who also competed with Australia's previous national 4-way team Airtite, moved on with Kinetix, together with two other former Rotor Out members, Richard Strickland... (more)
Did you know that Joey Who??? was a part of Airspeed's recruiting campaign?
posted: Nov 3rd, 2019 The October meet of the Arizona Skydiving League on Arizona Airspeed's home turf in Eloy featured a world-class pickup team in 1st place on the AAA Class leaderboard that was directly related to a topic that has not received much attention by the NSL News yet. The exciting 4-way Open Class battle between SDC Rhythm XP and Airspeed at the USPA Nationals 2019 has created more than enough headlines and discussion, including the history and the lineups of the new U.S. 4-way champion and national team. The situation of Arizona Airspeed going into the USPA Nationals and the re-match at the FAI Outdoor... (more)