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TSL News

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Did you know that the USPA Nationals are next for the Texas Skydiving League teams?
posted: Aug 21st, 2019 The last meet of the Texas Skydiving League, this year's Dallas Super Cup, was scheduled a weekend before several more teams posted their scores in all categories, and the teams in Texas had the whole leaderboard for themselves. It was the final meet of the Texas Skydiving League 2019 season and took place at Spaceland Dallas on Saturday, August 10th. Meet director Scott Latinis kicked off the meet with the competitor briefing, introduced judges Ron Shipp and Bill Schmitt, and followed up with a discussion of the basic rules of a 4-way meet, before DZ manager Ben Nelson finished with a thorough... (more)
Did you know that Aviatrixx confirmed a strong position in 4-way Women last weekend?
posted: Jul 22nd, 2019 The Swedish Nationals are in full swing, and Echochamber finished the first four rounds below the 20-average level, due to a heavy load of nine blocks. The second half of the meet may offer better opportunities for higher scores. There is an upset in the makings in Sweden. Aurora did not win any medals last year, while Team C4 finished in 3rd place. Both teams are now battling for the silver medals in the absence of Team X, last year's national team in 4-way Women, and Edge, this year's indoor bronze medalists. Aurora is up by five points after Round 4. The Brazilian Nationals are happening... (more)
Did you know that Elsinore GT alumni re-connected on the June 23 meet weekend?
posted: Jul 1st, 2019 The recently featured meet weekend and the leaderboard of the Texas Skydiving League was supposed to be combined with the second 2019 event of the Southern California Skydiving League, which fell victim to the weather situation on the west coast. The synchronized meets and the combined leaderboard of the NSL Network would have created an interesting and indirect reunion of four former team members. Josh Hall, Arizona Airspeed 4-way world champion of 2012, organizes the Southern California Skydiving League, together with Cristina Olson. Steve Miller is judging the 4-way events of the Southern... (more)
Did you know that teams in Texas launched their 2019 outdoor season at Skydive Spaceland San Marcos?
posted: Jun 30th, 2019 The first of the three meets of the Texas Skydiving League this year took place at Skydive Spaceland San Marcos on the June 23 weekend. Six new teams posted their first outdoor scores of the 2019 season, even though they were limited to only four rounds on the AAA and AA leaderboards, and three in the A Class, due to the weather conditions. One team was back from the 2018 season, and Spaceland Toxic launched the 2019 season with a new lineup. Demo McDonnell's 4-way team, which is the foundation of the Toxic 4-way project, goes back to the 2012 season, and he has been training and competing in... (more)
Did you know that Amphibious Attack Tigers completed their "pre-second" training camp at Skydive Spaceland Houston?
posted: Jun 19th, 2019 The season opener of the Texas Skydiving League, the San Marcos Showdown, is coming up this weekend at Skydive San Marcos, which will be followed in July by the Pre-Nationals at Skydive Spaceland Houston. TSL Director Scott Latinis told the NSL News that seven teams have already registered for the meet this weekend and that he expects a great turnout for the Pre-Nationals. He also mentioned that the Amphibious Attack Tigers had a training camp at Skydive Spaceland Houston last weekend, which does not happen too often. The AAT 8-way team has competed at USPA Nationals since 2011 and won the USPA... (more)
Did you know that Scott Latinis is bringing back the Texas Skydiving League this year?
posted: Jan 2nd, 2019 The NSL News broke great news for the Formation Skydiving community in the Southwestern part of the United States with the story on 20 December 2018 and the announcement that Eliana Rodriguez, Airspeed world champion in 4-way and 8-way, and Ranch 2nd Generation member Michelle Karamon have joined forces to re-activate the Arizona Skydiving League in 2019. Similar news are now following from Texas, where Scott Latinis is bringing back the Texas Skydiving League at the same time. The Texas Skydiving League is one of the oldest 4-way leagues in the United States and in the world. In fact, Florida,... (more)
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