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Did you know that Scott Latinis is bringing back the Texas Skydiving League this year?
posted: Jan 2nd, 2019 The NSL News broke great news for the Formation Skydiving community in the Southwestern part of the United States with the story on 20 December 2018 and the announcement that Eliana Rodriguez, Airspeed world champion in 4-way and 8-way, and Ranch 2nd Generation member Michelle Karamon have joined forces to re-activate the Arizona Skydiving League in 2019. Similar news are now following from Texas, where Scott Latinis is bringing back the Texas Skydiving League at the same time. The Texas Skydiving League is one of the oldest 4-way leagues in the United States and in the world. In fact, Florida,... (more)
Did you know that teams from Texas could also compete for 4-way Intermediate Class medals?
posted: Aug 21st, 2017 The 4-way competition at the Pre-Nationals 2017 was very similar to the situation in 8-way, at least in the AA/Intermediate Class. It was also more competitive, as last weekend's leaderboard of the competition at Skydive Spaceland-Houston is showing. The teams in the first three places all shared the highscores for some of the eight rounds with each other. Dallas Interspediate, with player coach and meet organizer Scott Latinis in the lineup, collected five of the eight highscores and won the meet, yet only four points ahead of Babes on Our Bellies (BOOBs), who won only Round 4 with the fastest... (more)
Did you know that Skydive Spaceland-Houston is hosting the Pre-Nationals 2017 this weekend?
posted: Aug 17th, 2017 The USPA Nationals 2017 are scheduled for the end of September, and the US and guest teams are in their final preparations for the event. The NSL News mentioned earlier that NMP PCH HayaBusa will compete in Perris, together with their 8-way partners ISR FireFlash. This means that the Golden Knights will not only have their annual meeting with Arizona Airspeed's flexible 8-way lineup of different generations. The Belgian Fly-In Machine 44 will also compete with the US Army team for the second time this year, after winning the bronze medals at the FAI World Cup 2017. Many teams from Texas have... (more)
Did you know that Spaceland Lite mastered the sub-terminal Block 17 like a world class team?
posted: Jul 14th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News goes back one more time to the June 25 meet weekend before several events will probably create the largest outdoor leaderboard of the 2016 season this weekend. AA and Rookie Class teams dominated the leaderboard of the June 25 weekend, and Spaceland Lite was the only AAA Class team that competed at the Texas Shootout 2016. However, it was an important competition for Lite, as it was also the first outdoor meet with the new 2016 lineup. The Sun Path Products NSL News had introduced the new Lite roster on March 30th, after the completion of the Paraclete XP Indoor... (more)
Did you know that several teams posted outdoor record averages last weekend?
posted: Jun 27th, 2016 Last weekend's outdoor leaderboard is complete, as well. Teams competed at three different locations, and two of the meets completed all six rounds. The Northern Plains Skydiving League had once again little luck with the weather. The 2016 season opener was completely weathered out, and the June meet did not get too far either. NPSL Director Al BeVier was not too happy after the second unfortunate attempt this year, when he communicated the situation at Skydive Twin City with the other two meet locations: "Second NPSL meet of the year called for weather - winds again. Steady in the twenties... (more)
Did you know that Dallas 350 and Spaceland Lite had their final test at the Dallas Super Cup?
posted: Sep 21st, 2015 The overall leaderboard of the September 12th weekend brought together teams from three different events in Texas (Dallas), Northern (Skydance) and Southern California (Perris) in different ways. Teams from Texas and Southern California shared the AAA and AA Class leaderboards, while teams from Northern California competed with teams from Texas in the A Class. All Rookie Class teams that weekend came from both parts of California. Teams from Texas took the first places in the AAA and AA categories. NCSL team Semaphore interfered with the complete Texas sweep in three of the four outdoor categories.... (more)
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