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Did You Know...

... that Scott Latinis had a great year for himself and the Texas Skydiving League?

Scott Latinis (bottom, 2nd from right)with Texas Skydiving League participants
posted Nov 15th, 2023 - Texas Skydiving League Director Scott Latinis can look back at a very successful year for his work and his own skydiving career. He had re-activated the Texas Skydiving League in 2019, as the NSL News reported on 2 January 2019 and continued to offer the regional 4-way events to the Formation Skydiving community in Texas.

The participation at his Texas Skydiving League events was not even impacted much by the corona virus crisis, not even in the year when the USPA Nationals were canceled. He established a schedule at the three Skydive Spaceland locations in Texas, San Marcos, Houston and Dallas, where he has been running the events ever since he re-launched the Texas Skydiving League in 2019.

Scott Latinis recently announced the new schedule for the 2024 outdoor season, which will be very similar to this year's event agenda. Spaceland San Marcos will offer the season opener in April for all 4-way teams. The Pre-Nationals at Spaceland Houston is going into the event's 6th year, and the traditional Dallas Super Cup concludes the Texas Skydiving League schedule in August, still before the USPA Nationals 2024 at Skydive Chicago in September.

The Pre-Nationals at Spaceland Houston includes once again other events that will be a part of the USPA Nationals (8-way, MFS, AE). Scott Latinis and Paraclete XP used the synchronized NSL competition draw for the combination of Pre-Nationals in Houston and Summer Classic at Paraclete XP on the same weekend, and ten teams used the opportunity to get competition practice for the national outdoor championship a few months later.

Texas Skydiving League 2024DateHost
San Marcos ShowdownApril 20 - 21Spaceland San Marcos
Houston Pre-NationalsJuly 19 - 21Spaceland Houston
Dallas Super CupAugust 17 - 18Spaceland Dallas
Dallas Super Cup 2023
RankAAA Class4,3,1816,5,PH,L,7,OA,10,Q,22M,21,J,812,N,17----TotalAvg
1Dallas Saboteurs111725151713---- 9816.3
RankAA Class4,188,14H,L,7A,Q,22M,21,JN,6,O----TotalAvg
1Spaceland Toxic9915121414---- 7312.2
2Disturbance Delicious93157127---- 538.8
1Don't Grip My Bootie655544----294.8
2Sky Queens334231----162.7
3Because Manifest Said So114100----71.2
Houston Pre-Nationals 2023
RankAAA Class5,2,J20,15,FH,21,3Q,1,1011,K,69,P,B,G16,N,1419,12,OM,18,C,722,D,13TotalAvg
1Spaceland Saboteurs11151614142113131712 14614.6
2Accidentally Competent1011811111499136 10210.2
RankAA Class2,J,F20,15H,21,GQ,1,711,K,69,P,BN,14,E19,8M,18,C22,D,13TotalAvg
1Spaceland Toxic1361312813117119 10310.3
2Spaceland Disturbance Delicious128101091393107 919.1
San Marcos Showdown 2023
RankAA Class9,1J,19,A4,B,H21,P,F20,22-----TotalAvg
1The Sufficients68810------ 328.0
14 Cunning Stunts31407----- 153.0
2When Sheep Fly00415----- 102.0

Dallas Saboteurs - Spaceland Toxic at the USPA Nationals 2023, Video Footage Courtesy of USPA/InTime
Scott Latinis (right) with Prison 9 at the FAI Outdoor World Cup 2023
Two of the teams who attended meets of the Texas Skydiving League this year won USPA medals in September. Dallas Saboteurs won the USPA gold medals in 4-way AAA/Advanced. Spaceland Toxic added a set of silver medals in 4-way AA/Intermediate to the Texas collection.

Accidentally Competent was the second team from Texas on the AAA/Advanced Class leaderboard. Disturbance Delicious placed 8th in a 24-team field in the same AA/Intermediate Class competition where Spaceland Toxic won the silver medals. Spaceland Apex represented Texas on the 4-way Open Class leaderboard.

Scott Latinis has also one of his own most successful years behind him as a Formation Skydiving competitor. He joined Doug Barron's Prison 9 lineup in 2021 and has trained and competed with the 8-way team ever since. He has not missed any of the eight 8-way competitions that Prison 9 attended since he joined, and he was rewarded with two bronze medals this year. Prison 9 took the 3rd place at the 23rd FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving and followed up with USPA bronze medals in 8-way Open at the USPA Nationals 2023 a month later.

Prison 9 at the FAI Outdoor World Cup 2023 and at the USPA Nationals 2023, Video Footage Courtesy of FAI/USPA/InTime
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