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BTL News

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Did you know that Brazil's So Pressao peaked with 20+ after their 14-year comeback?
posted: Nov 29th, 2019 The third 2019 meet of the World Tunnel League this month at iFLY Sao Paulo in Brazil ended with an upset for the country's top team in the past decade, CTR Optimum. The two challengers, So Pressao and Go Fly, used the opportunity when CTR Optimum could not attend with the complete lineup. Andre Ferraz and Juliana Sé were not available for the November meet, and CTR Optimum needed two substitutes. George Narita and Daiton Ribeiro recruited Beatriz Ohno and Deborah Schroder for the competition, who train and compete with CTR Storm. Their own team had attended the first two WTL meets this year... (more)
Did you know that CTR Optimum and Pro Team shared a leaderboard for the first time?
posted: Jul 4th, 2019 The June meet of the World Tunnel League offered interesting international leaderboards, with teams from Finland, Brazil and the United States. The rankings were set after the completion of Round 8, even though the Finnish and U.S. teams added two more rounds. The teams of the Brazilian Tunnel League were scheduled for only eight rounds for their competition at iFLY Sao Paulo. The meet in Sao Paulo attracted eleven of the 23 teams who posted scores on the June leaderboards. The field of AAA Class teams in Sao Paulo included a guest team from neighboring Paraguay, the Adventure Flyers, at... (more)
Did you know that the new Brazilian Tunnel League launched its 2019 season last week?
posted: Apr 28th, 2019 Teams from Brazil did not make it to the FAI Indoor World Meet that ended last weekend at Weembi Lille. They competed in Brazil almost at the same time for the opening event of the new Brazilian Tunnel League, the "Circuito Brasileiro de Paraquedismo Indoor". Seven of the eight AAA Class teams that had competed at last year's Brazilian Indoor Nationals in December were back for the first of three meets of the new indoor league. The Brazilian national 4-way team CTR Optimum won the 8-round competition in iFLY Sao Paulo's 12-foot flying chamber with exactly the same meet average (22.8) as in... (more)
Did you know that CTR Optimum and Harpia have Pedro Ushizima in common?
posted: Dec 16th, 2018 The NSL News has covered indoor activities in Brazil several times in the past. However, the news were almost exclusively related to the 12+ competition of the Indoor Cloud League. Indoor team Harpia has posted scores on the 12+ leaderboard since July 2017 and has used the Indoor Cloud League to move gradually into 4-way indoor competition. Harpia began with performing the A Class sequences in 2017 and took on the AAA/AA Class sequences of the Indoor Cloud League in January this year. Harpia had the goal to compete at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2018 and followed through with the... (more)
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