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Did you know that the HF Flying Circus progression is even accelerating?
posted: Dec 15th, 2018 The Czech teams were once again the first to complete the ten rounds of the World Tunnel League December competition, and HF Flying Circus continue to make the headlines. The NSL News story on November 26th had featured the bronze medal battle between the Czech AAA Class team and Out of the Blue from the Netherlands at the ISR Grand Prix 2018. Both teams had finished with new team record averages at the end of the 8-round competition in Roosendaal. The same story concluded that "HF Flying Circus HF Flying Circus is now dangerously close to the 23+ level and will probably show it at some point... (more)
Did you know that ten Czech female 4-way competitors placed right behind Arizona FM?
posted: Nov 23rd, 2018 The NSL News update after the first part of the NSL Ultimate 4-way Championship 2018 at iFLY Tampa mentioned that the Czech 4-way teams used the same competition draw for their first meet of the 2018/2019 winter season. Arizona FM won the AAA Class competition of the NSL Indoor Championship with their complete lineup, after Niklas Hemlin had helped out at the indoor team's last meet in June. Arizona FM's lineup with Airspeed members Mikhail Markine and Ari Perelman was followed by three Czech teams and Slovakia's Skydive University team on the AAA Class leaderboard, tied by the next team from... (more)
Did you know that HF Flying Circus has targets, goals and duels?
posted: Apr 20th, 2018 There was a time when HF Flying Circus from the Czech Republic was pursuing the 20+ indoor scoring benchmark, as the NSL News reported several times. That was not too long ago since the team entered the AAA Class world only at the beginning of the 2017 season. Little over a year later, the team is well settled on a significantly higher level. It was the team's third visit at Bedford for the World Challenge 2018, after winning the Rookie Class in 2015 and an 18th place in the AAA Class last year. The 12th place this month with a 22.2 average was not enough yet to make the last cut and the Top... (more)
Did you know that the youngest Czech 4-way junior teams posted new record averages in March?
posted: Mar 19th, 2018 Indoor competition continued, while the Shamrock Showdown 2018 generated the first outdoor scores of the world meet season. The teams in the Czech Republic completed their March competition of the World Tunnel League and opened this month's leaderboard with a total of 13 teams. The HF Chicks did not attend this time, and the HF Bad Boys could fend off HF Flying Circus without much trouble. Both teams worked together once again, as the Bad Boys were missing point Mari√°n Jeziak. Flying Circus member Dagmar Bezdekov√° was helping out for the first time. Her team mate Martina Vavackova had filled... (more)
Did you know that the February leaderboard of the World Tunnel League was a AA Class scramble?
posted: Feb 18th, 2018 The Orlando Indoor Cloud League team of the Florida Skydiving League started into the February competition the opposite way compared to January, when the score for one of the Rookie Class sequences (R) was missing. This time, there was no lineup that was ready to take on the AAA Class sequence with a slot switcher for the front piece (D,9,K,16) and the Orlando team has the remainder of the month to follow up with a scoring number for this category. Champaka Nagaraju was back after more than a 1-year break and attended her first FSL Tunnel Kicker at the new iFLY facilities, together with her... (more)
Did you know that new meet videos from the Hurricane Factory include Martina Vavackova's 20 AAA Class rounds?
posted: Jan 18th, 2018 The Florida Skydiving League opened the Indoor Cloud League 14+ leaderboard of the 2018 season last week at iFLY Tampa, while the Brazilian team Harpia posted the first scoring number on the 12+ leaderboard of the new year. Harpia joined the Indoor Cloud League by posting A Class scores throughout the 2017 season and is now switching to the AA Class sequences. The Brazilian team is planning to attend the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship in the AA/Intermediate Class next month and uses the Indoor Cloud League sequences for competition practice. The Florida Skydiving League team posted scores... (more)
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