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News Article Did you know that Skywalkers Junior and HF Chameleons both finished with new team record numbers?
posted: Nov 21st, 2023 The NSL News mentioned with the update from the Flyspot Open 2023 that six of the nine Czech teams in Katowice would compete again less than a week later. The Czech part of the World Tunnel League launched the winter season of 2023/2024 with the first indoor meet at the Hurricane Factory in Prague. World Tunnel League and Indoor Cloud League both offer monthly indoor competition opportunities all year long, while the Czech Tunnel League launches its part of the NSL Indoor Network after the end of the outdoor season in the Czech Republic. The first meet was once again scheduled for November,... (more)
News Article Did you know that Czech and Slovakian national teams completed their last indoor test this week?
posted: Apr 15th, 2023 The indoor winter season of the Czech Tunnel League was completed just in time before the three national teams (HF Flying Circus, HF Cubs, HF Flying Rebels) will travel to Slovakia next week and represent their country at the FAI Indoor World Championship 2023. HF Flying Circus, the national team in 4-way Open, took some time off, after more than enough competition practice between Czech Tunnel League and Indoor Cloud League events, plus outdoor training and competition. HF Flying Circus have completed 68 indoor competition rounds since the FAI Outdoor World Championship 2022. HF Cubs completed... (more)
News Article Did you know that the Unicorns make a 14-foot flying chamber look much larger?
posted: Mar 20th, 2023 The March meet of the Czech Tunnel League offered the next opportunity for the Czech national teams to get ready for the upcoming FAI Indoor World Championship 2023. Jan Klapka has one more competition scheduled before the Czech delegation will travel to the neighboring Slovakia for this year's indoor showdown. The last meet of the Czech Tunnel League 2022/2023 takes place on April 12th at the Hurricane Facxtory in Prague, a week before Round 1 on April 20th at the Hurricane Factory Tatralandia. The three Czech national 4-way teams, HF Cubs (4-way Women), HF Flying Circus (4-way Open), HF... (more)
News Article Did you know that HF Cubs, NFTO and XPG4 have never posted scores on the same leaderboard yet?
posted: Feb 28th, 2023 The series of national indoor championships and other indoor events at this time of the year create a very similar situation as it used to be before any vertical wind tunnels were built and used for training and eventually competition. National outdoor championships, regular meets of the National Skydiving League and any other 4-way events were the opportunities for teams to collect real competition experiences and compare their scores with each other before attending world championships and world cups. Eleven countries have already completed their national indoor championships this winter... (more)
News Article Did you know that the Roosendaal AAA leaderboard will split into three different ones in Slovakia?
posted: Dec 21st, 2022 The NSL News featured the current status of the qualification race between the Czech 4-way Junior teams HF Flying Rebels and HF Chameleons on December 18th. The videos of the latest duel at the December meet of the Czech Tunnel League are now available for reviews. With both teams competing in the AAA Class before the eight rounds in AA/4-way Junior at the FAI Indoor World Championship, they are also meeting the best AAA Class teams on the leaderboards at the meets that they attend. In the Czech Republic, they are usually facing the two current national teams, HF Flying Circus in 4-way Open,... (more)
News Article Did you know that the HF Chameleons lead by seven points after 38 competition rounds?
posted: Dec 18th, 2022 The NSL News has followed the 4-way junior teams in the Czech Republic since Jan Klapka launched the school project years ago. His efforts resulted in a 4-way Junior world championship title, the first FAI gold medals for a team from the Czech Republic. The HF Cubs, 4-way Junior world champions of 2019, are now one of the top contenders for FAI gold medals in 4-way Women at the next indoor world championship in Slovakia next April. There was no internal Czech qualification necessary before the 2019 event at Weembi Lille, as the HF Cubs were far ahead of all the other Czech junior teams at that... (more)