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Did you know that Polish seniors and Czech juniors were tied after 40 AA Class rounds?
posted: Feb 15th, 2020 New and impressive scores from the Czech Republic are posted, where 13 teams completed the February meet of the World Tunnel League at the Hurricane Factory. The NSL News still goes back to another meet at the same location in January though, the Czech Open Indoor Championship. The update on January 28th covered the 26.5 average of the HF Cubs, which had lifted the 4-way Junior world champions of 2019 to the top level in 4-way Women of last year. Other indoor scores of the 2020 season confirmed that the HF Cubs still seem to be a medal contender in 4-way Women. The HF Cubs did not really... (more)
Did you know that the HF Cubs have caught up with the top by the 2019 numbers?
posted: Jan 28th, 2020 The NSL News update on January 20th provided an overview of the indoor events at the Hurricane Factory in January, and the HF Cubs were once again in the spotlight. The turn of the year was a little roller-coaster for the still reigning 4-way Junior world champions from the Czech Republic, who have now been competing in the AAA Class. The lineup was different at each of the team's last three meets. It was in November last year when Sabina Cioleková, Karolina Henkova, Viktorie Nováková and Adela Vesela competed together the previous time. Fortunately, alternate and new HF Chicks member... (more)
Did you know that the Czech teams needed several alternates at the January competition?
posted: Jan 10th, 2020 The first indoor competition of the new year took place at the Hurricane Factory in Prague, Czech Republic, and it was a perfect start for one of the Czech teams. HF Flying Circus won the AAA Class competition with a new 25.8 team record average, after two 23+ meets in November and December. HF Flying Circus is now going into the team's 5th year with the same lineup. Martina Vavackova, Dagmar Bezdeková and Lukas Kaderabek together formed the team in 2014. Jakub Klapka joined the team in the tail slot in 2016. HF Flying Circus started from behind HF Bad Boys and HF Chicks and eventually replaced... (more)
Did you know that the Czech AAA and AA leaderboards had interesting mixtures of 4-way juniors and seniors this month?
posted: Dec 21st, 2019 The December meet of the World Tunnel League at the Hurricane Factory included the comeback of HF Chicks member Hanka Uriková, who used to train and compete with the Czech national team in 4-way Women. In fact, the HF Chicks were the first Czech team that won a set of FAI Formation Skydiving medals for their country. Klára Eliášová, Jitka Mancikova, Eva Turkova and Hanka Uriková placed 3rd at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017 in Montreal. The lineup of the HF Chicks has been quite flexible ever since, and original member Eva Turkova eventually joined forces with some of the HF Cubs who... (more)
Did you know that the HF Cubs join NFTO and French Weembi Girls in their countries' 4-way top spots?
posted: Nov 17th, 2019 It was probably only a matter of time, while it may have happened earlier than expected: the HF Cubs have become the strongest 4-way indoor team in the Czech Republic. The NSL News have covered the progression of the Czech 4-way Junior world champions ever since the team members began with Indoor Cloud League and regular 4-way competition with Jan Klapka's 4-way junior project at the Hurricane Factory in Prague. The transition of the HF Cubs from 4-way Junior competition to the 4-way Women category after the FAI Indoor World Meet at Weembi Lille in April was also covered comprehensively. The... (more)
Did you know that the HF Chameleons mastered the 10-average AA Class level?
posted: Mar 24th, 2019 The last NSL News update from the Czech Republic after the March meet of the World Tunnel League at the Hurricane Factory had featured the meet videos of two of the Czech 4-way junior teams, the current national team, HF Cubs, and their 4-way junior successors, HF Flying Rebels. NSL-TV is now following up with several more meet videos of Czech teams at the same event, including HF Flying Circus, the national team in 4-way Open, who will compete for the Czech Republic at the FAI Indoor World Meet, together with the HF Junior Cubs. An earlier story on March 1st explained that the Czech delegation... (more)
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