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WTL News

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Did you know that HF Junior Cubs competed once again in the AAA Class?
posted: Feb 14th, 2019 The January competition of the World Tunnel League was just completed with new record participation, and the first scores for the ten February sequences are already on the new leaderboard. Four teams from Florida posted the first February numbers when Arizona Airspeed member visited for the indoor activities last weekend. Thirteen Czech teams followed up this week, and the best ones put the U.S. teams from Florida once again in place, as they have been doing it on a regular basis. The all-female HF Chicks seniors have picked up the pace again, after the all-female HF Cubs juniors outscored... (more)
Did you know that the World Tunnel League registered new record participation in January?
posted: Feb 7th, 2019 The January leaderboard of the World Tunnel League was by far the largest in the history of the SKYLEAGUE indoor part. A total of 33 teams shared the same leaderboard in all four NSL categories. The teams from California completed once again only the first six rounds, which are drawn for 12-foot flying chambers. Cali4nia Kids had tough competition with the HF Dragonflies, the all-female junior team from the Czech Republic, who finished one single point behind after the first six rounds at the Hurricane Factory. Ladies&Gentlemants, a senior team from the Czech Republic, was another point... (more)
Did you know that HF Cubs could compete for the Czech Republic in 4-way Junior and 4-way Women?
posted: Jan 18th, 2019 The NSL News story on January 16th pointed out two recent 4-way family situations, one of the Pro Team from Finland and the other one between HF Flying Circus and HF Bad Boys in the Czech Republic. Father and son Kimmo and Kalle Pohjola train and compete together in Finland, while Jan and Jakub Klapka are opponents in the Czech Republic. Another friendly battle of the 4-way generations has been going on in the Czech Republic for a while, and the situation is very similar to the one between HF Flying Circus and HF Bad Boys. The recent January meet of the World Tunnel League at the Hurricane... (more)
Did you know that the battle for the world's Top 10 indoor spots has begun?
posted: Jan 16th, 2019 The busy start of the 2019 competition season included two meets of the World Tunnel League, one in Finland , the other one in the Czech Republic. A total of 24 teams posted their scores on their own national leaderboards, and the synchronized competition draws brought all of them together on the combined leaderboard, as well. The AAA Class competition featured a very exciting battle between two internationally up and coming 4-way teams. In fact, Pro Team and HF Flying Circus have already represented their countries as national teams, the team from Finland for over a decade. Flying Circus... (more)
Did you know that the Czech 4-way junior project will need new rookies soon?
posted: Dec 19th, 2018 The 4-way junior indoor project at the Hurricane Factory in Prague, Czech Republic, was launched by Jan Klapka in 2015. HF Junior Cubs and HF Junior Flies completed their first 4-way competition with the start of the Czech indoor winter season in September 2015. Three years later, the HF Cubs are one of the best AA Class teams in the world, while they have already moved up into the AAA Class world at events of the World Tunnel League on their home turf at the Hurricane Factory. The December competition was the second AAA Class meet for two of the team members who joined forces with two Bad Boys. Three... (more)
Did you know that the HF Flying Circus progression is even accelerating?
posted: Dec 15th, 2018 The Czech teams were once again the first to complete the ten rounds of the World Tunnel League December competition, and HF Flying Circus continue to make the headlines. The NSL News story on November 26th had featured the bronze medal battle between the Czech AAA Class team and Out of the Blue from the Netherlands at the ISR Grand Prix 2018. Both teams had finished with new team record averages at the end of the 8-round competition in Roosendaal. The same story concluded that "HF Flying Circus HF Flying Circus is now dangerously close to the 23+ level and will probably show it at some point... (more)
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