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SSL News

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Did you know that NSL-TV features the jump-off round between Perris Fury and Elsinore Gravity?
posted: Nov 3rd, 2006 The showdown between Perris Fury and Elsinore Gravity at the last SSL meet of the 2006 season now goes into overtime. Both teams were tied after six rounds and decided to take off for an additional round, which was supposed to break the tie. It did not work out that way since both teams were so locked into the tied situation. Nothing changed after the 35 seconds of the jump-off round. Both teams posted the highest scores of the meet for the fastest sequence (E-7-19) of the seven rounds. (more)
Did you know that NSL-TV presents round two's highscores in each competition class?
posted: Oct 5th, 2006 NSL-TV has now moved on to the second round of the NSL Playoffs 2006 events. This time, all videos on the scores page have been switched simultaneously, and the jumps can once again be compared directly. The video of each highscore in all four competition classes is available by coincidence. (more)
Did you know that the NSL-TV coverage of the SSL showdown between Elsinore Gravity and Perris Fury has begun?
posted: Oct 2nd, 2006 The video footage of the Southwest Skydiving League has arrived at the NSL headquarters, and the first round of the NSL Playoffs 2006 event in Elsinore has been uploaded. The NSL News story on September 20 provided already a lot of background information before the two SSL top teams of the 2006 season, Elsinore Gravity and Perris Fury, finally met each other live on the competition site at Skydive Elsinore. (more)
Did you know that the NSL Playoffs featured the west coast showdown between Perris Fury and Elsinore Gravity?
posted: Sep 20th, 2006 The 2006 season of the Southwest Skydiving League has come to an end with last weekend's NSL Playoffs 2006 event in Elsinore. The SSL competition finally featured the long expected west coast showdown between Perris Fury and Elsinore Gravity, and both teams lived up to the high expectations with an incredible neck-to-neck horse race. The NSL News expected the west coast competition between Perris Fury and Elsinore Gravity to become one of the most exciting stages of the 2006 season and began with the coverage very early. Perris Fury and the team's 2006 plans were introduced with an NSL News... (more)
Did you know that Perris Fury scores changed last weekend's leaderboard in the AAA Class?
posted: Aug 26th, 2006 The new meet weekend is already in full swing, while the NSL News takes another closer look at last weekend's complete leaderboard. 72 teams are listed on the scores page and used the same competition draw. This number represents a new record weekend in the NSL history. Participation records have been broken on a regular basis this year. Great Britain was the major contributor to the new record number this time. 47 of the 72 teams competed at the British Nationals 2006. Each of the four competition classes was well attended by the British teams (9 - 10 - 14 - 14), and the A Class and Rookie... (more)
Did you know that Southwest Skydiving League teams posted record averages last weekend in Elsinore?
posted: Jul 26th, 2006 With an unbearable heat wave hitting Southern California, six teams still toughed it out for the latest competition of the Southwest Skydiving League, held at Skydive Elsinore on July 22nd. Starting with the AAA Class, the women's world meet team, USA Elsinore Select, posted a team-best average of 15.0 over six rounds. Select, with Tammi Rettig at Outside Center, Brianne Thompson at Inside Center, Kris Byrne at Point, Michelle Carlstrom at the Tail, and Rick Schindler shooting video, is ready to represent and step it up in Germany next month. Best of luck to our beautiful and rockin' ladies!... (more)