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ISL News

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Did you know that Indiana Skydiving League team Fastrax posted their first impressive scores last weekend?
posted: Jul 21st, 2004 The weather did not cooperate very well at Skydive Wayne County last weekend. However, six teams managed to complete four rounds, and AAA Class team Fastrax posted scores for the first two rounds before the team had to leave the competition site. The first Fastrax scores have been anticipated with curiosity since the team has been trainig hard and on a very professional level with player coach Niklas Hemlin. The other Fastrax members are Billy Andrews, Eric Gin, team manager and sponsor John Hart, and John Judy on video. Fastrax completed only the first two rounds. However, the scores for these... (more)
Did you know that the Indiana Skydiving League kicked off the 2004 season with the second attempt?
posted: Jun 21st, 2004 The weather in the central part of the county finally gave competitors a break! Meet 2 of the Indiana Skydiving League kicked off Saturday morning under broken skies. With only one short weather hold throughout the day the meet progressed nicely and finished with daylight to spare. The teams who attended were the same teams who came out last month and sat through a stalled front. Airtight returns with an improved performance over last year. Soylent Greene was sporting new team t-shirts with a recycling emblem and turned in an excellent performance with an alternate flying point. (more)
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