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Did You Know...

... that Indiana Skydiving League team Fastrax posted their first impressive scores last weekend?

Team Fastrax
posted Jul 21st, 2004 - The weather did not cooperate very well at Skydive Wayne County last weekend. However, six teams managed to complete four rounds, and AAA Class team Fastrax posted scores for the first two rounds before the team had to leave the competition site. The first Fastrax scores have been anticipated with curiosity since the team has been trainig hard and on a very professional level with player coach Niklas Hemlin. The other Fastrax members are Billy Andrews, Eric Gin, team manager and sponsor John Hart, and John Judy on video.

Fastrax completed only the first two rounds. However, the scores for these rounds offer the first glimpse at the potential the ISL team has worked itself up to. Especially the score of 15 points for round one is a very impressive result. The three-block sequence (1-5-22) was technically very challenging. Other AAA Class teams competing last weekend did not get past the 11-point mark in the same round. The NSL News received acknowledging feedback already shortly after the scores were posted. Fastrax did not follow up with the same scoring and performance level in round two where the other AAA Class teams were closer. However, Fastrax surely left its first mark this year, and we will hopefully see more great scores soon.

Fastrax member Billy Andrews working with an ISL team
ISL Director Randy Connell provided the rest of the meet story:

Weather seems to be the big stumbling block of the year for the Indiana Skydiving League. Meet three was unable to start until almost noon due to thick, low clouds. Then, even the first load of round two climbed to altitude, a thunderstorm rolled in to say hello. This particular storm acted something like a Florida storm and was gone in fairly short order. However, the damage was done.

Since the weather had us sitting still in the morning, David Hart and Fastrax pulled together an impromptu seminar on exit theory. There was a huge amount of good information in this seminar and our Rookie team was showing signs of mental overload vefore we were done! Thanks guys!

The bright side of this meet was that we had several teams make debuts or first appearances this year. The weather had a huge impact on Fastrax who was unable to stay all day due to a demo committment and departed with only two rounds in the bag. The ISL's first-ever Rookie Class team made their debut and did well given that two fo team members have a total of 100 jumps on thier bellies. They also have one of the longest team names I have ever seen! We are all looking forward to seeing Lulu Sassypants and the Transcendental Potatoes again soon!

The next meet for the ISL will be August 21st at Skydive Greene County in Xenia!

Click here to provide feedback and discuss last weekend's results and the event itself

Blue Skies, Randy Connell, ISL Director

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