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Did You Know...

... that Round 3 of the SSL Valentine's Meet is now running on NSL-TV?

posted Mar 10th, 2005 - The NSL-TV has to pick up the pace of uploading new rounds of the first 2005 competition in Eloy. Only one week is left until brandnew footage will be available. The FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005 will keep the NSL-TV studio and the valued audience busy for a while. Goal is to complete the coverage of the Valentine's Meet before the Shamrock begins.
Airspeed Velocity's round three, see video
The new Block 12 (Bundy - Bundy) received enough attention in round two and will rest until it will be drawn again in one of the sequences in DeLand. While round two had three different sequences for each class, the third round in Eloy was identical for the AAA and AA Class teams. The A Class had the same exit with the Bow and only Block 4 (Monopod - Monopod) for the complete sequence.
Golden Knights Gold's round three, see video
There were no big technical news to detect, neither in Block 4 nor in Block 20 (Piver - Viper). However, Golden Knights' Point John Hoover chose the lower level for his move in Block 20. Most teams have the Point go up while making the 540 degree turn. This avoids possible collisions and allows to cut into the turn of the center piece.
Arizona Divewerkz' round three, see video
Round three was already the second time that Airspeed Odyssey tied the highest score of the round with the Golden Knights. Airspeed Odyssey with Craig Girard, Eliana Rodriguez, Brian Johnson, Andy Delk and Will Pesek on video was only two points behind the Army team after three rounds.

Arizona Divewerkz managed to leave the Golden Knights Gold team and Equinox behind by one point each in the AA Class. Air Force Quad won the A Class round by two points and took the lead away from their Air Force Prodigy rivals. Quad dominated the A Class competition from here on.

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