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Did You Know...

... that Skydive City showed ZT a Mal4mation in round four?

posted Apr 25th, 2006 - Round four of the Florida Skydiving League April meet is now available on NSL-TV. This round had a few special aspects on its own. It was the only round of that weekend's competition draw where the sequences of AAA/Open Class and AA/Intermediate Class were identical.
Teiwaz Lake Wales' round four at the April meet of the Florida Skydiving League - see video
This unusual situation brought the Bad Boys from the Czech Republic (AAA) and FSC Wind Damaged (AA) in direct competition with each other on the bottom end of the combined class. The Lake Wales home team kept the upper hand in this round with the same sequence (13-F-14).
ZT Mal4mations' round four at the April meet of the Florida Skydiving League - see video
It was also the second of only two occasions in the whole competition where the AAA/Open Class winner, the British Army team DeLand Brits, allowed another team to match its highscore for a round. The British national 4-way team of 2006 and Teiwaz Lake Wales both posted 16-pointers in round four.
Skydive City's Adder
Last not least, the situation was almost exactly the same in the A Class. Round four was the only competition jump that day where Skydive City allowed ZT Mal4mations to match the highscore for a round. Both teams had tied their scores two times at the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2006 in March. Both teams' 7-pointers in round four was the third time in this special FSL race.

ZT Mal4mations has still not won a round against the 2006 opponent and has to wait for the next meet. The tied score in round four was also a present from the Z-Hills team since the eight points within working time ended up as the posted 7-pointer on the scoreboard. Skydive City's first formation looked only almost like an Adder.

Alex Batista's team DVD menu - see video
It is very unlikely that Skydive City planned to give back what ZT Mal4mations had initiated with a different version of the Side Body in the previous round (check NSL News story on April 22). However, both formations were mal-formations and did not count as scoring formations. Skydive Miami's ZT Mal4mations ended up with the tied highscore in this round.

The NSL News would like to use this opportunity to go back to the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2005 where three members of the ZT Mal4mations April line-up competed with Zero Tolerance Miami. ZeroT with Gary Hansen (Center Inside), Ana Sang (Point), Lance Smith (Center Outside), Dutch Vandervelt (Tail) and Alex Batista (Video) won the A Class competition at Fantasy of Flight, the NSL trophy, medals and cash in November 2005.

Zero Tolerance SkyQuest 2005 movie - see video
Team videographer and filmmaker Alex Batista collected enough footage at SkyQuest 2005 and put together a movie of his team's SkyQuest experience. He provided the NSL News with a DVD of the original material. The result of his extra work was a fun and entertaining summary of ZeroT's visit at the NSL Championship 2005.

The NSL News created a 5-minute video clip of this movie, and it can be viewed by clicking here. The SkyQuest website also offers a video clip with scenes of the whole event.

The next FSL meet will bring both teams, Skydive City and ZT Mal4mations, back together on May 20. This time, the competition will take place on Skydive City's home turf in Zephyrhills. The A Class competition will be tight again, and teams from eight additional leagues will be competing on the same weekend.

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