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Did You Know...

... that Dawn English's NSL Profile has now been posted?

Early FX line-up with Kyle Collins, Dawn English, David Timko and Joey Jones
posted Oct 4th, 2005 - The NSL News story on September 30 covered the new NSL Profiles that are currently in the works. The same story also related to an earlier article that offered a preview of Dawn English's career story.

The first of the four mentioned profile stories has been completed, and the skydiving life of Dawn English can now be reviewed in the NSL Profiles pages.

The career story goes back to her first skydive that she made in 1988 in California.

FX exit
Dawn English currently lives and works in DeLand, Florida. She has made the work for her company, Mirage Systems, the number one priority at this point and calls herself a "workaholic".

However, she does not plan to commit her life to work forever. In fact, Dawn and her partner at Mirage Systems, Dan Thompson, are currently weighing the option of selling the company.

The earlier story on September 22nd had already pointed out the unique way Dawn English described her passion for and the excitement of competition when she elaborated on her "Favorite Place", one of the "Up Close & Personal" features. The NSL Profiles had to create extra space to accommodate her thrilling experiences and emotions.

FX with Space Shuttle take-off
There was also not enough space for Dawn's choice of her "Favorite Competition". She explains that the meet challenge was her ultimate goal, and that the training was only necessary to perform well at the desired meets:

"I hate to admit this, but I put up with training to get to the competitions. That's what I'm there for, so I've loved them all, but my favorite would have to be World Cup '98 in Portugal. 11th round jump-off, taking off in the Otter with just us and the French team on board and watching the crowd running down the runway carrying the U.S. flag. How do you forget something like that?"

It is well worth to read the whole profile story with all details. It is inspiring and motivating, and the skydiving world can only hope that Dawn English will find her way back into the athletic part of the sport.

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