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Did You Know...

... that four new career stories will soon be added to the NSL Profiles?

Dawn English
posted Sep 30th, 2005 - Two new NSL Profile stories are currently in the works. The NSL News story on September 22 offered a preview of Dawn English's NSL Profile, and Natasha Montgomery's story will also become a part of this feauture on the NSL website soon.

The NSL News recently asked Robert Chromy to provide the necessary information for his profile story. Robert Chromy has been a competitor and full time coach for many years, speaks several foreign languages and travels the whole world all year long. He is one of the most popular coaches due to his combination of social skills and broad skydiving experience.

Robert Chromy has his skydiving roots at the same location where the current 4-way world champions of DeLand Majik, Solly Williams and Gary Smith, come from. He spent the longest time period of his life in South Africa, even though he was actually born in the former Czechoslovakia, which has been split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the end of the Cold War.

Natasha Montgomery
Chromy used to travel back and forth between South Africa and Florida for many years and finally made his home in DeLand. His whole life story is already complete and will be posted after some editional editing and selection of the best photos for the story.

Thomas Hughes has provided the NSL News with the story of his skydiving career a long time ago. He was still competing with the British national 4-way team XL when the NSL News asked him for the information. The story needs an update before it can be posted in the NSL Profiles, and this update is also in the works.

Thomas Hughes has been one of the shooting stars in the skydiving competition skies who made it from the beginning stages as a skydiver to the top of the world within a few years. He is only 24 years of age and attended his first world meet with Sebastian XL when he was 22 years young.

Robert Chromy
Thomas Hughes was already the uncrowned "King of the Tunnel" when he was working as a tunnel instructor at SkyVenture Orlando, and he had just begun his career in skydiving competition. After his years with XL he joined Arizona Blade as a player coach and won the NSL Championship 2004.

He met the other shooting star Natasha Montgomery when he joined Arizona Blade, and together they moved from Arizona to Florida at the end of 2004. Next they formed DeLand Fire and won the USPA Nationals this year. Thomas Hughes was the alternate and videographer, while he has been waiting to become eligible for USPA and then possibly IPC medals. He also entertained himself with Black Magick in the meantime.

Thomas Hughes is not a novice any longer, neither in the sport nor in the world's top 4-way competition. His NSL Profile will offer many more insights of his skydiving career. The following preview of the career story explains the events in the very beginning, which moved him from England to SkyVenture Orlando.

Thomas Hughes
Born in Swindon, England, on February 9th, 1981, Thomas Hughes grew up on a farm. He was heavily involved in water skiing by then and competed in this sport for a few years in England. After moving to Florida, he first continued his competition career in the skiing circuit for a few years.

He decided to make a tandem skydive a couple of days after his 18th birthday and visited Lake Wales to get airborne. Next step was a visit at SkyVenture Orlando with a friend who had been there before. Thomas got hooked on tunnel flying due to the relatively low costs for flying time.

However, he decided to do one more tandem jump since he wanted to make sure that he will get involved in the sport, and then spend the $1,100 for the AFF program. He still remembers how he committed himself to the skydiving future: "Once I was back in the jump plane, with the door open ready to jump, I was sure that I wanted to continue further into the sport."

All four NSL Profiles, Dawn English, Natasha Montgomery, Robert Chromy and Thomas Hughes will soon be completed and posted at the NSL Profiles pages.

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