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Did You Know...

... that Thomas Hughes expects France and Belgium to beat the 20 points in Round 8?

Thomas Hughes and Aerodyne Aerokart members playing games during the Valentine's Meet 2011
posted Dec 5th, 2011 - The NSL News mentioned earlier today that Arizona Airspeed's Center Outside, Thomas Hughes, accepted the invitation for an online NSL Talk session. Topic was, of course, the 3rd Dubai Championship 2011.

Thomas Hughes had spoken earlier with SDC Rhythm XP member Rob Radez who said that at least his team expected to end up as far behind the top teams from France and Belgium as the leaderboard shows at the moment. The big question is where Airspeed would be at this point in time if they competed in Dubai, as well.

Thomas Hughes said that his team will begin tomorrow with the first training after the USPA Nationals 2011. There is no doubt that the competition sequences of Dubai will be a part of Airspeed's training agenda this or next week.

French players Guillaume Bernier, Perrine Sanchez, Olivier Henaff, Julien Degen
The audio file of the live interview with Thomas Hughes comes together with a review of the ten Airspeed competition rounds at the USPA Nationals 2011. Hopefully, new footage with the videos of the eight Dubai rounds will follow soon. French team videographer Olivier Henaff said that he will send the Aerodyne Aerokart footage on its way to the NSL News tomorrow.

Thomas Hughes was impressed with the French performance. Airspeed had outscored Aerodyne Aerokart by far at the Valentine's Meet 2011 in February this year. Now it looks as if France has not only caught up. It will be challenging for Airspeed to beat the French scores in Dubai.

He also commented the upcoming Round 8, which is the slowest sequence of the competition. He believes that the two top teams can get to and past a 20-pointer. He thinks that 22 points are probably the maximum score for this round.

3rd Dubai Championship 2011

Who will score 20 or higher in Round 8?

Aerodyne Aerokart
NMP-PCH Hayabusa
SDC Rhythm XP
Perris Fury
No Team
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