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Did You Know...

... that teams in Dubai have a whole day off to prepare for the slowest and last sequence of the competition?

Ian Bobo and Jonathan Tagle with DeLand Fire in 2006
posted Dec 5th, 2011 - Monday is an off-day for the 4way teams at the 3rd Dubai Championship 2011. It's a good timing since it is a windy day, and most of the other events are on stand-by. Max Thiele reported from Dubai that it is still not clear whether Round 8 will be jumped tomorrow or later. An official annoucement in the evening will tell more about the Tuesday agenda.

It is not too diffcult for the participants to kill the time. Teams and competiors enjoy a day on the beach or downtown. There are enough opportunities for sightseeing and shopping, and there is also a waterpark if it gets too hot and the beach is not entertaining enough.

The host has been producing videos that summarize the event days, and the off-day is a good time to watch the entertaining footage of all events. Dubai uses this event to practice for the Mondial 2012, which will include all skydiving disciplines. By the way, Jonathan Tagle, 4way world champion videographer for DeLand Fire in 2006, is on the top of the overall leaderboard in Canopy Piloting at the moment. His team mate of 2006, Tail Ian Bobo, is in 7th place of 107 participants.

Thomas Hughes at the Halloween party during the USPA Nationals 2011
Round 8 is the last one of this meet. The Dubai Championship has traditionally not exhausted the dive pool with ten rounds. This will have to be changed in 2012, as the rules for the World Championship of Formation Skydiving require a 10-round meet. The slow sequence of Round 8 (4,1,22) will only be a challenge for the Open Class top teams as of getting to the 20-point level or not, and it is also the tie-breaker for the four teams in the middle of the field.

The NSL News has covered the slowest sequences in the history of Formation Skydiving competition with a series of stories, the last one on 28 October 2011. Round 8 in Dubai will most likely make its own story, and the NSL News has scheduled a live NSL Talk with Thomas Hughes for later today to discuss this sequence and the whole competition in Dubai.

Arizona Airspeed was not sanctioned by USPA to compete for the USA in Dubai, and the team members are following the event online. Perris Fury is officially the US national team, and SDC Rhythm XP is the second US team that completed the US delegation in the 4way event. Rhythm is peak performing and still far away from the two top teams, Aerodyne Aerokart from France and NMP-PCH Hayabusa from Belgium. The NSL Talk with Thomas Hughes will be posted later today.

3rd Dubai Championship 2011

Who will score 20 or higher in Round 8?

Aerodyne Aerokart
NMP-PCH Hayabusa
SDC Rhythm XP
Perris Fury
No Team
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