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Did You Know...

... that NSL-TV features two different award ceremonies?

Golden Knights 10way lineup
image by: Omniskore
posted Nov 5th, 2011 - The 10-way competiton is up for today at the USPA Nationals 2011, and the link to the live streaming is still available. There has not been much footage coming across so far though.

The Golden Knigts are holding the first place in this event after four rounds. The 10way lineup consists of the complete 8way team and two members of the female 4way lineup (Laura Dickmeyer, Angela Nichols), Andrew Starr is filming again. Arizona Airspeed, with Josh Hall, Mark Kirkby, Thomas Hughes, Niklas Hemlin, Nick Grillet, Jack Jefferies, Craig Girard, Eliana Rodriguez, Christopher Irwin, Mickey Nuttall and Bill Schmitz on camera, is only in 3rd place after Round 4.

Team *@#!? (Rodney Cruce, Ari Perelman, Ben Liston, Ron Hill, Scott Latinis, Brian Stephens, Melanie Curtis, Dannielle Woosley, Scott Janise, Kim Hollander, Jon Ewald on camera) is in 2nd place and could create an upset. All three teams are still quite close to each other.

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Awards for the delegation from Qatar
The newest NSL Reality TV clip features two different award ceremonies that took place on Thursday. The official one was scheduled for 7 PM in the tent next to the Bent Prop, and the video shows a wild crowd and a cheery atmosphere where USPA's Director of Competition introduced the teams that won this year's medals.

Another ceremony had already taken place earlier at the same location. The teams from Qatar were leaving after the 4way and the 8way competition were completed. The Tigers and Falcons and the 8way lineup were guest teams and would not have been on the podium anyway.

They still wanted to celebrate their first visit at the USPA Nationals and created their own award ceremony earlier in the afternoon. German player coach Max Thiele, Paratec-Saar member and World Cup bronze medal winner in 4way, helped out for the NSL News and recorded the festivities and preparations. He also asked his team mates from Qatar a few questions on camera.

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