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Did You Know...

... that the 16way competition was another thriller?

Arizona Airspeed's 16way team before Round 6
posted Nov 3rd, 2011 - Another fierce battle was coming into its final stage on Thursday afternoon. The 16way competition brought back the annual meeting of the Golden Knights and Arizona Airspeed linups. That's when several other competitors and friends have the unique opportunity to join forces with the best skydivers in the world.

This year, Arizona Airspeed's lineup consisted of the current 4way team. Eliana Rodriguez and Craig Girard of the previous lineup, plus Dan BC and Jack Jefferies were already in the 8way lineup and continued in 16way, except Dan BC. The complete SDC Rhythm XP lineup made it an 11way. The last five slots went to 8way alternate Christopher Irwin, Nick Grillet, Scott Latinis, Mickey Nuttall and Shannon Pilcher. Bill Schmitz was filming Airspeed in 4way, 8way and 16way.

The Golden Knights 8way team joined forces with the complete female lineup. Three Paraclete XP4 members (Kirk Verner, Andy Honigbaum, John Eagle) and Rook Nelson completed the 16way lineup. Golden Knights 8way videographer Andrew Starr was filming the 16way jumps.

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GKXP prepare for the last round
The battle went back and forth between those two top teams, while Deguello, now with dark jump suits, was once again safely in 3rd place. Finally, after five rounds, the GKXP combination had a 1-point advantage, and the last round would be the final 16way showdown. The NSL Reality TV camera followed the two top teams during their preparations for the last round, and the videos of Round 6 will be uploaded later.

Fact is that GKXP won the last round by one point and the 16way gold medals. The award ceremony for the 4way and 8way competition is scheduled for this evening. Tomorrow will bring the annual 10way competition.

The NSL News finished the day with an interview. Last NSL Talk guests of the day were the SDC Rhythm XP members. The video will be uploaded later and explain what Rhythm plans for the near future.

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