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Did You Know...

... that the Golden Knights have an additional internal battle?

Golden Knights team captain Brian "BK" Krause
posted Oct 31st, 2011 - It is quite an upset so far. SDC Rhythm XP does not only hold the silver medal position, there is now a 4-point safety cushion between Rhythm and the three other top contenders who are all tied in 3rd place. It is the expected race, just in a different order so far. Round 4 is almost completely judged, and the scores will be added very soon.

The sequence of Round 3 was obviously also slower than expected. Arizona Airspeed made it to the 20th point within working time but had to give one back. The Furies have recovered after a very nervous start. They had the chance to catch up with Supersonic after a very bad round for the pickup team, and they took advantage of it.

The Golden Knights added more distance to both teams in the internal Open Class competition of the female lineups. They also have an internal race with the male Golden Knights Black lineup and are only two points behind after three rounds. The Gold team is battling for the bronze medals.

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No gear this year: Eric Heinsheimer
The NSL News had the opportunity to chat a few minutes with Golden Knights team captain Brian "BK" Krause. He said that he and several other coaches, like his team mate Matt Davidson and XP4's Andy Honigbaum, helped the US Army ladies with coaching throughout the season.

Eric Heinsheimer is still a Golden Knights fan and watches his teams from inside the judges' "fish bowl". He has competed at the USPA Nationals every year in the past. For the first time he did not even bring his gear, the judging room takes all of his attention. He had some feedback for the NSL News after his experiences with the new judging procedures.

Thomas Hughes and Mark Kirkby were both available for additional feedback. Airspeed's Thomas Hughes was watching Oldspeed preparing for the next round. Airspeed somehow misses more pressure, and the members have to push each other to get to the peak performance level. Aerodyne Aerokart and NMP-PCH Hayabusa are watching from the distance...

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