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Did You Know...

... that underdog SDC Rhythm XP stands strongly after two rounds?

Great start: Golden Knights
posted Oct 31st, 2011 - The competition is in full swing, and the leaderboard after Round 2 looks as it was expected - with one exception. SDC Rhythm XP took the 2nd place in Round 1 and defended it successfully in Round 2. Rhythm's confidence will probably only get stronger, and an upset by the underdog is in the works.

The sequence of Round 2 (21,14,22) was slower than most teams expected it to be, as the previous NSL Reality TV clip showed. No team, not even Arizona Airspeed, managed to get to the 20-pointer level. Airspeed's 19-pointer was the highscore for the round. Round 7 brings another 3-block sequence, which might be the last round of the day. It is a faster sequence, and there will probably be a few 20-pointers on the scoreboard.

The female lineup of the Golden Knights had a perfect start, while the SDC Furies were on the opposite side. Even Supersonic, the third female 4way lineup in the Open Class with two Alpha Armada members, were four points behind the US Army team after the first round. It seems like the new US national team in this category will be another Golden Knights lineup.

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Great start: SDC Rhythm XP
The NSL-TV camera followed the teams on their way to Round 1 early in the morning. The video clip includes the first viewing of the complete Perris Fury lineup this year. The new lineup is currently in 3rd place, tied with the Golden Knights.

The first teams were called to the boarding area at 7 am, and the meet began with the Open Class competition. Dan BC drove through the night and made it to Eloy at 4 am, just enough for a few hours of sleep before getting ready for Round 1. He had a few words for the NSL News in the morning.

Round 3 is now in progress, and it is a slow one too. Perris Fury just lost two points, and Airspeed barely completed the 20th point in working time. Rhythm had a clean 18-pointer. Stay tuned.

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