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Did You Know...

... that Martin Mall caught a playing card with his mouth under open parachute?

Magic Skydive Show Night at the World Cup 2011
posted Aug 5th, 2011 - Friday morning began with a weather hold. Fog and clouds seemed to promise another late start or not much skydiving at all. Fortunately, this changed quite quickly. The first boarding call came at around 11 am, and the planes have taken off with 4way and 8way teams.

It is difficult for the meet management to use the shaky weather situation efficiently since several teams have competitors in both events, 4way and 8way Formation Skydiving. Round 5 in 8way will be completed first as four teams are behind. The competition will continue with 8way and 4way teams that are not involved in 8way at the same time.

The completion of Round 8 will still stop even the teams who are doing only 4way. Round 9 is the semifinal, and there is a cut taking place before the meet can continue with Round 9.

Sponsors of the show: Helmut Cloth and Eva Brandecker
The NSL News used the time in the morning to get the video clip of the "Magic Skydive Show Night" ready for uploading. Skydiver, artist, acrobat and magician Martin Mall put together the show that included several other professional artists. Airtec, maker of the CYPRES, and Paratec sponsored the show. Helmut Cloth, inventor of the electronic opening device, visited yesterday with several CYPRES staff people and met with Eva Brandecker who owns the Paratec facilities next door.

Martin Mall introduced a new trick that had never been shown before. He left the stage for a low altitude jump, while his anchor of the show, Paul Nathan, had three volunteers on the stage who had to draw a playing card. Gill Winter, French IPC Delegate, signed the card. Paul Nathan then shot the card up to Martin Mall under his open parachute with a big gun. Martin Mall was supposed to catch it in the air and bring it back to the stage.

He did so successfully. In fact, he had caught the card with his mouth and presented it live on stage. Gill Winter confirmed that it was her signature and the original card. Well done, Martin. Then he continued with the acrobatics and magic on stage. It was a great show, thanks to the sponsors.

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