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Did You Know...

... that Jan Klapka turned a weather meet into a Sportflight indoor competition?

Czech team prepares for a tunnel session in Prague
posted Aug 3rd, 2011 - The World Cup 2011 surely takes and deserves all the NSL News attention this week. There are too many stories to cover it all while being in Germany. Many follow-up stories and a lot of information is still waiting for the online audience in the near future.

Other events were and are also happening while the NSL News reports live from Saarlouis-Duren. One of those other events was an indoor competition that was actually not on the NSL Calendar of Events this year. Jan Klapka, director of the 4-way league in the Czech Republic, informed the NSL News that his outdoor competition was completely weathered out last weekend.

Fortunately, he has a handy alternative now that there is a 16-foot wind tunnel in Prague, SPORTFLIGHT, that he is operating. He used his connections to improvise and turn the outdoor competition quickly into a wind tunnel meet.

July 31st, 2011Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10TotalAvg
RankAAA Class1,4,22H,18,B,ME,3,218,P,C,1211,L,95,2,GN,14,7F,O,19,JA,16,13D,20,15TotalAvg
1Bad Boys 10 16 13 13 15 13 14 16 10-12013.3
2All Dragons 10 12 6 8 11 10 13 12 8-9010.0
3Monkeys 1 5 6 4 2 4 7 7 4-404.4
1Best of Relative 10 12 7 14 15 8 8 8 18 1411411.4
2All 4F 4 8 8 9 7 5 8 2 11 11737.3
3Sky Walkers 6 6 6 10 10 5 1 5 10 8676.7
4RW4 Plzen 0 4 1 4 6 1 4 5 9 5393.9

Rookie Class team Best of Relative in action
The Czech teams and competitors were glad to have this option on a bad weather weekend and happily accepted to move to Prague.

Jan Klapka also sent a video that shows his own team, Bad Boyz, in action with the new team member. He said that the complete IPC dive pool was used for the separate competition draw. The AAA Class teams had 35 seconds of working time, which started when the first team member entered the flying chamber. The four Rookie Class teams had 35 seconds, as well, and their working time started running when the last team member entered the chamber. Jan Klapka plans to continue with the indoor meets in the winter time. He will begin in November and run one indoor competition each month until April.

The day is over now at the World Cup 2011, and the teams have to be back at the dropzone tomorrow morning for a 9 AM takeoff.

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