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Did You Know...

... that the German teams find themselves in an unusual situation?

posted Aug 3rd, 2011 - The polls for the 4way events at the World Cup 2011 are now closed, as well. As in 8way (France - USA - Russia), it was supposed to be a race between three teams, Aerokart Aerodyne, NMP-PCH Hayabusa and Sky Panthers Barkli. As in 8way, the audience was favoring the team that is currently in 2nd place. As in 8way, the race is still wide open. Finally, as in 8way, the team that was offered in the polls as a 3rd option for the top spot is actually in a battle for the 3rd place with an underdog coming from below.
Similar to the poll results in 8way
The teams that are involved in this duel are the same in both events: Russia and Germany. They also have the double duties in common. Paratec-Saar is competing in 8way, as well as the Sky Panthers Barkli members. There is a significant difference between both teams though. Russia is used to competing for medals at the big meets, Germany is not.

The NSL News invited the members of the German 4way team for a new NSL Talk session. It was easy to arrange since the many weather holds offered much time for conversation. A deck of cards and a round of Skat could have been another option to use the spare time. However, there were no playing cards on the whole dropzone, and the NSL Talk with the German amateur world champions was overdue.

German 4way team Paratec-Saar
The Paratec-Saar lineup was decorated with the unofficial title of the world amateur champions at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2010. They were still far away from the medal level in 4way. This time, they are in serious contention for the real bronze medals.

Of course, only the absence of a US top team opened up this opportunity. However, three Sky Panthers are actually the bronze medal winners of 2010, and Paratec-Saar is currently one single point behind the Russians after three rounds.

The Germans admitted that they have been aware of the little chance they would have if they went to the edge of their limits. They have been performing on their top energy level, and it has brought them to the position where they are after Round 3. Now they have to keep it going the same way and hope for the best. The duel between Russia and Germany in both events will hopefully continue soon.

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