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Did You Know...

... that French national coach Jeremie Rollett is unhappy about the Arizona Airspeed situation?

NSL Talk with Jeremie Rollett
posted Aug 3rd, 2011 - Breakfast in the hotel on Wednesday morning included thunder and lightning. The weather was expected to give the meet a break today, but it will most likely be only half a day of ground work. There is a very good chance that jumping will resume in the afternoon.

The competition is planned to continue in both events, 4way and 8way. The 8way teams will be first, and the 4way teams will follow 1.5 hours later, only with the teams who have no overlapping 8way duties. Not everybody likes this plan. Dutch head coach Gary Smith explained that this strategy takes away from the feeling of a real competition:

"You may see Hayabusa sitting in the hotel after their additional two or three rounds of 4way while France and Russia switch from 8way to 4way at a later time. It would be like dividing swimmers in different pools, have them swim their laps separately and then compare the times. I like to see the progression of a meet, round by round, with all teams together."

Jo Hawley with piece partner Aillee Hardman
The new video clip features more NSL Reality TV of Tuesday's activities. French national coach Jeremie Rollett explained the situation of his teams from the French perspective. He was very unhappy to neither get the opportunity for a direct competition with Arizona Airspeed at the World Cup 2011 nor at the Dubai Championship in December this year. The NSL News reported earlier that USPA did not sanction Airspeed for the Dubai meet this year.

The NSL News audience also has the opportunity to meet Jo Hawley in person on camera. She has been updating the NSL News with information from the United Kingdom on a regular basis. She is in Saarlouis to compete with the Brit Chicks in 8way, Her 4way team Kaizen did not travel to Germany.

NSL-TV will follow up very soon with videos of Round 2 in 8way, which was completed yesterday. Then the clip of the opening ceremony will also provide impressions of a great event downtown Saarlouis yesterday afternoon.

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