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Did You Know...

... that two XL 2011 members met at the Shamrock Showdown?

Boogie Nights at the Shamrock Showdown wards
posted Mar 27th, 2011 - The most exciting battles of the Shamrock Showdown 2011 did not take place at the top of the leaderboard. This will possibly change very soon since Aerodyne Aerokart Maubeuge and NMP-PCH Hayabusa will do their best to reduce the distance between each other and Arizona Airspeed.

The next scores of the World Challenge 2011 will show where the Top 3 teams will be just a few weeks later.

The competition for the 10th place included not only Bodyflight Voluntas and SonicNutz, as the NSL News mentioned on 25 March 2011. Boogie Nights and Teiwaz Falcon were both close enough, as well. A similar battle between three teams went on for the 4th place, and the NSL News will zoom in on this part of the leaderboard very soon.

SonicNutz at work with coach Gary Smith
The 4-team competition for the 10th place included two teams from the United Kingdom, SonicNutz and Boogie Nights. The NSL News reported on 22 December 2010 that SonicNutz would pick up the speed for the 2011 season and challenge the 4-way status quo in the United Kingdom.

The Shamrock preview story on 11 March 2011 followed up with more information of the current situation in the United Kingdom. The NSL News had no information at this point in time that a second UK team was planning to compete at the Shamrock Showdown.

It turned out that the second UK lineup, Boogie Nights, with player coaches Steve Hamilton and Katie Woods, would challenge the challenger in DeLand. The player coaches pushed Boogie Nights members Michael Hayes and Vince Lam to a 15.0 average and finished only two points behind SonicNutz.

Shamrock Showdown 2011Round1Round2Round3Round4Round5Round6Round7Round8Round9Round10TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassN,H,3,1J,4,C,137,17,19B,20,1512,22,MF,18,2E,16,9G,8,21P,A,11,1410,Q,D,LTotalAvg
10Bodyflight Voluntas16 17 14 13 12 14 21 13 16 17 15315.3
11SonicNutz15 17 14 15 13 16 18 15 16 13 15215.2
12Boogie Nights14 14 15 15 13 17 22 13 14 13 15015.0
13Teiwaz Falcon15 15 14 15 12 1616 14 15 17 14914.9
Brian Johnson with the SDC Furies XP
The situation will not be the same at the upcoming World Challenge 2011. Steve Hamilton will compete with XL, and Boogie Nights has no lineup in Bedford. SonicNutz will face opposition from the British teams that the NSL News mentioned in the Shamrock preview article, Satori and Team Bodyflight.

Satori, Katie Woods' former team, will try to defend the top position in the United Kingdom, while Steve Hamilton is the second XL 2003 member at this year's reunion in Bedford. John McIver competes for Satori and Thomas Hughes with Airspeed. Pete Allum is the other XL member of the 2003 lineup.

Steve Hamilton met his XL team mate Brian Johnson already at the Shamrock Showdown in DeLand. Brian Johnson was coaching SDC Furies XP. The 4th XL member of the 2011 lineup at the World Challenge is Andy Delk. He was flying the Twin Otter for Skydive Arizona at the Valentine's Meet 2011...

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