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Did You Know...

... that Round 5 videos show one of the fastest sequences of the meet?

Airspeed at work on the creepers
posted Feb 5th, 2011 - The next video footage was captured from the same level but much later. The competition takes place in three different time zones. The teams have completed Round 6 and get ready for Round 7. The new video features Round 5, while the judges are finishing up with the scoring of Round 3.

Round 5 was one of the fastest sequences in the competition draw of the Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving Championships 2011. It is very difficult to follow and evaluate the sequence accurately from the eye level. The judges have the only video angle that makes it possible at all to see everything. However, it is still super exciting to see the actual flying action only inches away, including body movements, eye contacts and other communication.

Round 6 brought the new Block 13 for the teams in Raeford. The NSL Reality TV camera captured one of the most interesting rounds of the competition. In fact, the attention for Block 13 began when Arizona Airspeed engineered the sequence on the creepers. This video includes the creeping session.

Happy Rhythm members: Steve Lefkowitz and Thiago Gomes
How is the situation after Round 3? Airspeed is on the top of the leaderboard and increases the lead round by round so far. Only Paraclete XP4 seems to be able to keep up with the Airspeed pace and performance.

XP4 has switched slots with Perris Fury, at least for the moment, who used to be Airspeed's top challenger in the past years. Fury is now in a race with the Golden Knights Gold lineup and SDC Rhythm XP.

Rhythm must be thrilled so far according to the team's goals for 2011. The second year was supposed to bring Rhythm to the USPA medal rankings. The leaderboard after three rounds shows the team again in 5th place. However, there is only a 1-point difference to Perris Fury and two points are the distance to the Golden Knights. The teams are getting ready for the last round of the day now.

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