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Did You Know...

... that NSL Reality TV features Round 1 up close and personal?

Up close and personal tunnel angle
posted Feb 5th, 2011 - It's a fast pace at the Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving Championships 2011. The teams are almost done with Round 3. Neither the judges nor the NSL News can keep up, however, all information will be provided - sooner or later.

The NSL Reality TV camera captured the complete Round 1 to get the first impressions of the 4-way competition. It's once again the up close and personal camera angle where the audience can see the tunnel action from eye level.

The official judging videos will follow later. The first video clip on the competition day includes the final preparations of the teams for Round 1. The meet management plans to complete eight rounds in 4-way and in 8-way today. Vertical Formation Skydiving competition is running parallel, as well, and the NSL News is collecting footage there, as well.

Focus on the next round: John Hamilton
The scores of Round 1 show that it will not be a walk in the park for the new Arizona Airspeed lineup. It was quite amazing that Perris Fury matched Airspeed's 24-pointer in Round 1. Fury is not only working new Point Todd Hawkins into the team system, the Perris team is also competing with John Hamilton in the Tail slot who fills in for Uli Steuwe.

Paraclete XP4 was expected to challenge Airspeed, especially as the home team knows the windtunnel in and out. Johnny Eagle flies the Point slot once again like eye candy for the audience, and his NMP-PCH Hayabusa fans in Belgium can look forward to more exciting video footage.

French 8-way world champions Martial Ferre and Damien Sorlin are guiding French teams through the meet as player coaches. Martial Ferre is also competing in 4-way, his team is Martial & Co.

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