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Did You Know...

... that ISB Air gave Spaceland Blue a good competition in Menzelinsk?

Awards for female 4-way competition in Menzelinsk
posted Oct 25th, 2010 - NSL-TV continues with the review of the female 4-way competition at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2010. The first two rounds of all teams were uploaded with the story on 17 October 2010. The competition videos of Rounds 3 and 4 are now available, as well.

The NSL leaderboard after Round 4 includes the point deductions for the latest two rounds. It also shows that there was actually only one serious competition going on at this point in time, which was still very early in the meet.

Aerokart Deep Blue had created a 10-point lead after Round 4, and Team Bodyflight was just that far ahead of the next teams and safely in 2nd place. Similar distances separated all other teams, as well, except US team Spaceland Blue and ISB Air from Germany.

World Meet 2010Round1Round2Round3Round4Round5Round6Round7Round8Round9Round10TotalAvg
Rank4-way Women10,7,123,11,5J,M,Q,P,L19,1,13N,18,20K,17,82,15,H4,D,6O,E,9,G22,B,16TotalAvg
1France Aerokart Deep Blue20 19 47(-1)18 ------10426.0
2UK Team Bodyflight16 17 44 17 ------9423.5
3USA Spaceland Blue17 14 38(-1)15(-2)------8421.0
4Germany ISB Air16 15 39(-2)13(-2)------8320.8
5Norway Polaris14 12 30 11(-1)------6716.8
6Russia Prygalky13 10 21(-2)13 ------5714.3
7Sweden Women20 ------4511.3
8China Women17(-2)------4010.0
ISB Air at the mockup with coach Gary Smith
The young German team surprised the US team, which had actually planned to compete for the gold medals. However, Deep Blue was much too strong for the other female 4-way teams, and Team Bodyflight performed better than expected after a relatively short time for preparation.

Spaceland Blue had to realize early that only the bronze medals were realistically in reach, and they did not seem to come easily. ISB Air was keeping up with the US team and was only one single point behind the bronze medal position after Round 4.

Both teams had won two rounds each, and the penalty situation was about the same. It looked like the German team had the potential to keep this race going after the first two rounds had surprised the US team.

Spaceland Blue at the mockup with coach Thomas Hughes
There were only two rounds where Spaceland Blue could outscore ISB Air by more than one point, and Round 4 was the first one. Seven of the other eight rounds were 1-point affairs, while both teams tied their scores only once in Round 6. ISB Air ended up eight points behind Blue after all was said and done, however, the German team had surely impressed the other top teams, at least to a certain extent.

The 2010 lineup with new member Susa Serra in the Center Outside slot was only together for one year, and the lineup will now change again. Sarah Hajooze, Anne Heinrich and Pia Weingart will continue with a new ISB Air member after Susa Serra filled the open slot for one year.

The 3-way seems to have made the choice, as ISB Air just completed an indoor training camp with Petra van Overveld. The NSL News is waiting for official confirmation of the new team member and will then follow up with more information.

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