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Did You Know...

... that the French 8-way team fights as Martial Ferre promised?

Fighting as predicted: Aerodyne Cypres Maubeuge
posted Aug 2nd, 2010 - The good news after Round 4 in 8-way is the fact that the quality of the NSL-TV videos is back up to the higher level. The bad news is another zero for Kazakhstan. However, the 1-pointer in Round 2 is up and posted and counts.

This time, all five teams are featured with Round 4. The popular NSL Talk suffers today, as the NSL News has to watch the TV screens very carefully to be at the right place at the right time. It is competition time, the videos of the competition jumps are important, and NSL Talk flows easier with a cold adult beverage at the end of the day anyway.

Russia lost another two 8-way points in Round 4 and is now trailing more than expected. The French 8-way team performs just like Martial Ferre had promised: it looks like they are fighting with the back to the wall. The extra energy added another point to the lead. Norway suffered one point deduction.

Russian spectators cheer for the Golden Knights

the Golden Knights came back strongly in Round 3

Back to the low quality of the earlier videos. The NSL News apologizes for the the fact that there is no good freefall footage available for up-to-date coverage. The Omniskore system uses DVDs for the judging process, and there is no access to them and then a quick conversion into video files that could be uploaded.

There is also a lot of trouble shooting with the eletronic equipment. The host is doing his best to help, and the meet is still running smoothly. Judging and posting the scores is unfortunately behind the pace, and NSL News information suffers even more.

Back to the 8-way competition, where the slow sequence of Round 3 challenged all teams. The Golden Knights handled it cleanly and carefully and won the round by two points. France lost another point at the very beginning of the jump, and the teams are closer together than before.

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