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Did You Know...

... that the NSL News introduces the female 4-way field at the World Meet 2010?

Not defending the bronze medals of 2008: Italy
posted Jul 24th, 2010 - Only one week is left until the start of the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2010. Next Saturday will be the official practice day in Menzelinsk, Russia, the first round is scheduled for Sunday morning.

The list of participating national teams is complete and has been added to the event pages of each category. The 8-way competition will feature only the race for the gold medals between the three 8-way giants France, USA and Russia. No other nations have registered 8-way teams for the event. Nine teams had competed at the World Meet 2008 in Maubeuge, France. Italy is not trying to defend the bronze medals of 2008.

World Meet 2008 - 8wayRound1Round2Round3Round4Round5Round6Round7TotalAvg
1France2318 26 22 22 24 16 15121.6
2USA1818 26 21 22 19 16 14020.0
3Italy2016 22 17 18 18 15 12618.0
4Germany2114 20 15 16 14 14 11416.3
5UnitedKingdom1512 15 13 14 13 12 9413.4
6Belgium1411 16 11 14 14 12 9213.1
7SouthAfrica1416 12 13 11 -7512.5
8Spain1313 10 13 13 -6811.3
9Australia1110 -518.5
Not back in 2010 after 16.2 average in 2008: Australia

The Road to Russia

The participation in the female 4-way category is almost identical with the field in 2008. Eight teams competed in France, nine teams have signed up for the upcoming competition in Russia.

It is a different field though in the female category. Spain, Belgium and Australia are not back with teams for this year's world meet. France, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom and USA have female 4-way lineups once again. Russia and Sweden are back in this event after sitting out in 2008, Sweden even longer. Brazil and China are brandnew in the female 4-way category.

World Meet 2008 - Female 4wayRound1Round2Round3Round4Round5Round6TotalAvg
1UnitedKingdom24 26 17 15 21 17 12020.0
2USA24 23 19 13 21 19 11919.8
3France23 23 19 14 20 16 11519.2
T4Norway22 16 16 13 17 13 9716.2
T4Australia19 20 15 11 17 15 9716.2
6Germany19 16 15 12 18 16 9616.0
7Belgium10 14 12 16 -6112.2
8Spain11 10 12 -489.6
Identical lineup as in 2008: Aerokart Deep Blue
United Kingdom (Bodyflight Storm - 120), USA (Fastrax Blue - 119) and France (Aerokart Deep Blue - 115) won the medals in 2008 and are again the top contenders for this year's first three positions.

Only one of the three top contenders comes back with the identical lineup though. Sophie Deremaux, Bérangère Duplouy, Françoise Simons-Hamouchi and Amélie Tirman have continued to train and compete with the same Aerokart Deep Blue lineup since the 3rd place in 2008.

Team Bodyflight (Tarnya Hollis, Amanda Kemp, Liz Matthews and Sarah Smith-Cannon) now represents the United Kingdom, and only Sarah Smith-Cannon was in the lineup that won the gold medals in 2008. Claire "Sparky" Scott, the second reigning world champion, is the alternate for Team Bodyflight.

German underdog in Russia: ISB Air
Fastrax Blue is now Spaceland Blue and has three 2008 members in the lineup: Becky Brocato, Erin Murphy and Brianne Thompson. Perris Fury's Christy Frikken had filled the open slot in 2008. Annaliese Peterson, former Arizona Divewerkz member, has taken the Point slot.

Germany and Norway are also back with teams in the female category. Norway has a 3-way from 2008, as well. Trude Sviggum, Kristine Willadsen and Ellen Burchardt were members of Norway's national team of 2008, Fortitudo. Sissel Maria Finnseth is completing the new Polaris lineup.

Germany has a new team. The Chicas competed for Germany in 2008, won the next qualification in 2009 and then withdrew earlier this year. ISB Air is now the German underdog in Russia who will try to keep up with the three top contenders.

Sweden at the first female competition at the World Meet1999
Russia almost won bronze medals in 2006 when the Ladybugs ended up in 4th place only by tie-breaking rules. This year's host did not have a female lineup in France and has registered a team for the meet on home turf. It is probably Prygalky who scored a 13.6 average at the Russian Nationals this year.

Sweden was a strong part of IPC's new female 4-way category in the early years, beginning with the test event at the World Meet 1999 in Australia. Bronze medals at the World Meet 2001 in Spain followed the 3rd place of 1999. However, the Swedish engagement ended after the 4th place at the World Cup of 2002. Sweden now comes back with a female 4-way team after a 7-year break.

Brazil and China have never had a team in the female 4-way category. It will be interesting to see what both new teams have to show in Russia. The NSL News will introduce the field of the 4-way Open Class competition later.

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