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Did You Know...

... that AirKixx competed in Perris in June and goes for the UK title this weekend?

posted Jul 30th, 2005 - The third round of the Southwest Skydiving League June meet has been uploaded for viewing on NSL-TV, while the July meet is already up for this weekend.

SSL Director Pamela Stevens announced that 14 teams had already signed up for today's competition at Skydive Elsinore. Most of the teams, which can currently be viewed with the new round of NSL-TV, will put scores on the SSL scoreboard once again this weekend.

Perris Fury's round three - see video
Elsinore GT, which was introduced with a team update on the July 15 NSL News story, will move former player coach Thomas Hughes to the camera coach position this time. EGT will compete with alternate John Craig in his point position since this will be his slot at this year's USPA Championship, as well. Thomas Hughes is not eligible for the USPA Advanced Class medals that EGT has in mind.

The third round of the SSL June meet made it more difficult for the best AA Class teams to keep up with the scores of the AAA Class teams. The memory causing Block 5 (Opal - Opal) was replaced by the slower Block 22 (T - Chinese T). This degraded the third round in the AA Class to the second slowest round of the meet, while the sequence of round three in the AAA Class ended up one position higher.

Elsinore Equinox' round three - see video
Arizona Divewerkz was once again the highscorer in the AA Class. The June meet was the first competition for the AZ team without a single-digit score in any round of the meet. The 12.2 meet average matched the Divewerkz April average on home turf in Eloy. The best three meet averages of the team's four meets have set Divewerkz currently as the national leader of the AA Class Rankings.

Perris Fury won the third round in the AAA Class but could not stay away from the other AAA Class teams as far as in the previous rounds, due to the slower sequence. Fury with Dan BC in the driver's seat was still the only AAA Class team that managed to get past Block 19 (Ritz - Icepick) on the third page and even made it into the fourth page.

Perris AirKixx' round three - see video
The Perris AirKixx line-up deserves a short introduction. Andy Scott, league and meet organizer in the United Kingdom, brought to the NSL News attention that AirKixx is actually a British all-female team, which includes a former V-Max world champion in the Women's 4-way class, Claire "Sparky" Scott.

AirKixx is now back in the United Kingdom and will compete this weekend at the UK national championship. Coach Dan BC, who has also been coaching the US national team of the Women's Class, Synchronicity, prepared AirKixx for the UK nationals, and the team looks sharp and ready. Andy Scott hopes that the NSL competition draw for this weekend will also be used in the UK, however, he will provide the scores and an update anyway.

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