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Did You Know...

... that more French tunnel videos show more world champions in action?

Original lineup at the World Challenge 2008
posted Mar 1st, 2010 - The NSL News story on 22 February 2010 provided scores and information of the Aerokart Indoor Championship 2010. The story on 26 February 2010 followed up with the competition videos of the French national 4-way team in the female category, Aerokart Deep Blue.

Three additional videos have now been uploaded, and they include the winner of the wind tunnel competition, Aerokart PCs. The earlier NSL News story already mentioned that only the team name is new on the leaderboard. The original lineup (Clement Martin-Saint-Leon, Arnaud Mille, Julien Olek, Emmanuel Sarrazin) was already founded in 2008 and competed under Aerokart Mamba Pamiers.

In fact, three members (Clement Martin-Saint-Leon, Julien Olek, Emmanuel Sarrazin) competed already for Aerokart Seloger in 2007. Clement Martin-Saint-Leon and Emmanuel Sarrazin, 8-way world champions of 2006, were in charge of training B-Team members and bringing them up to speed. Julien Olek and Guillaume Bajolet were under their wings in 2007.

8-way gold medalists at the World Meet 2008
Guillaume Bajolet countinued with another B-Team lineup in 2008, Amada Maubeuge, and Arnaud Mille took his slot. Aerokart Mamba Pamiers then competed with the same lineup between 2008 and 2010 that just posted the latest scores on the NSL leaderboard, except during the time period when Julien Olek was grounded due to his leg injury.

The meets that Aerokart Mamba Pamiers/Aerokart PCs attended in this time period included the World Challenge 2008 and 2009, the USPA Nationals 2008 and the World Cup 2009. The official team name in 2009 was Aerokart Pamiers Maubeuge, and Erwan Pouliquen filled in for Julien Olek for almost the entire season.

Aerokart Mamba Pamiers with the original and complete lineup began with a 23.1 indoor average at the World Challenge 2008 and a 20.4 outdoor average at the French Nationals 2008. The 27.9 average in Paris was the first indoor result this year. The same lineup will also compete at the World Challenge 2010. In the meantime, Clement Martin-Saint-Leon, Arnaud Mille and Julien Olek also have to focus on their main event. All three are actually members of the new French 8-way lineup that will have to defend the gold medals at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2010.

4-way world champion of 2003: Erwan Pouliquen (2nd from left)
The player coach of the current French national 8-way team, Erwan Pouliquen, can be found in the Nice Autrement lineup that placed 3rd at the Aerokart Indoor Championship. The team's competition jumps are on the second video that has now been uploaded.

Erwan Pouliquen was playing in 4-way with two of his former 4-way world champion team mates of 2003, Davide Moy and Julien Losantos. Bruno Perin, French 8-way world champion of 2006 and 2008, completed this lineup, which posted a 25.4 average.

Erwan Pouliquen and Clement Martin-Saint-Leon will both try to win 8-way gold medals at three consecutive world meets this year in Russia. The NSL News has to research whether this would be the first time in history or not, as the Golden Knights had similar 8-way streaks in the 80s and 90s.

Martial Ferré (left) with Veloce Silent and Deadly
Last not least, another current member of the French national 8-way team competed at the wind tunnel competition. The Veloce Silent and Deadly lineup included Martial Ferré, brother of national 4-way coach Marin Ferré.

The Ferré brothers won 4-way gold medals together for France at the World Meet 1999 in Australia. Martial Ferré is now coming back with the new French 8-way lineup and aims at an 8-way gold medal this year. His brother Marin tried to win 8-way gold already in 2003 when the French 4-way lineup competed in both events.

Martial Ferré joined forces at the recent wind tunnel competition with another 4-way team mate and gold medalist of 1999, Thierry Boitieux. The last team member of 1999, Davide Moy, competed with Nice Autrement at the same event.

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