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Did You Know...

... that three teams claimed the six Indoor Cloud League highscores for April?

Kyle Hermberg and Michael Erickson (right) with Dallas Dynasty
posted May 14th, 2024 - The complete set of Indoor Cloud League scores and videos for the month of April from iFLY Dallas has been added to the monthly leaderboard. Two different lineups posted the highscores for two of the three Rookie Class sequences, the RR Class lineup with player-coach Kyle Hemberg, and the R Class lineup with Michael Erickson, both former Dallas Dynasty team mates.

Volaticus, a new team at iFLY Fort Lauderdale, has been scoring for the Indoor Cloud League team in South Florida since 4Action member Marcella Rey joined the Indoor Cloud League with her group in January this year.

Volaticus earned their first attention after putting their team name on the list of highscores in March, when they tied the 22-pointer of the ICL Midwest lineup for the RRR Class sequence. Volaticus members Jo McLachlan and Andrew Vladelshchikov then competed for different teams at the April meet of the Florida Skydiving League, as the NSL News reported on April 28th. They were back with their own team to perform the ICL sequences for April. Now they claimed the sole highscore for the RRR Class sequence, and they added their first highscore for the A Class in April, as well.

Indoor Cloud League April 2024AAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Teams - iFLY DallasG,1,F,16P,1,6H,O,7H,O,PM,G,FM,LTotal
Alexa Boushey, Christina Edwards, Kyle Hermberg, Michael Erickson19-----19
Alexa Boushey, Christina Edwards, Caleb Rydbeck, Donaldo Grajeda-14----14
Deanna Anderson, Shawn Henry, Zoe Rojo, Kyle Hermberg--16---16
Sarah Watson, Scott Kucel, Donaldo Grajeda, Kyle Hermberg---18(-1)21-39
Jonathan Cooper, Nick Anderson, Russ Cornwall, Michael Erickson-----2323

iFLY Dallas Best of April 2024191416182123111

Indoor Cloud League April 2024: iFLY Dallas Highscores
Jo McLachlan and Andrew Vladelshchikov with Volaticus
Volaticus do not have any outdoor records yet, while all team members jump from planes and train 4-way with their team, as well. It is probably only a matter of time and opportunity when more indoor and outdoor scores will be added to the Volaticus records.

The Czech Indoor Cloud League team at the Hurricane Factory in Prague has posted the highest total number of points for each month in 2024 so far, even though the Czech teams behind the AAA/AA categories have not posted any highscores in March and April. Skywalkers Junior and HF Chameleons have been controlling the two Open Class categories each month in 2024 so far, and the 4-way junior teams still contribute scoring numbers that are at least close to the other Indoor Cloud League teams.

The AAA/AA Class lineups at ICL Midwest and iFLY Fort Lauderdale have not been training the complete AAA Class dive pool at all yet, and the iFLY Dallas lineup is still collecting more experiences with the slot-switching sequences. Skywalkers Junior posted the highscores in both Open Class categories (AAA/AA) last month and left HF Chameleons far behind this time, as the NSL News reported on May 8th. The dominance of the young Czech teams in these two categories has been enough so far to maintain the top spot on the monthly leaderboards.

Indoor Cloud League April 2024
RankApril 14+G,1,F,16P,1,6H,O,7H,O,PM,G,FM,LTotal
1Hurricane Factory CZ  25   28   17   25   18   18  131
2iFLY Dallas US  19   14   16   18-1 21   23  111
3ICL Midwest US  13   14   15   19   19   18  98
4iFLY Fort Lauderdale US  14   13   19   31  -  -  77

Indoor Cloud League Highscores in April 2024
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