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Did You Know...

... that Scott Latinis is bringing back the Texas Skydiving League this year?

TSL team Convergence at the NSL Championship 1998
posted Jan 2nd, 2019 - The NSL News broke great news for the Formation Skydiving community in the Southwestern part of the United States with the story on 20 December 2018 and the announcement that Eliana Rodriguez, Airspeed world champion in 4-way and 8-way, and Ranch 2nd Generation member Michelle Karamon have joined forces to re-activate the Arizona Skydiving League in 2019.

Similar news are now following from Texas, where Scott Latinis is bringing back the Texas Skydiving League at the same time.

The Texas Skydiving League is one of the oldest 4-way leagues in the United States and in the world. In fact, Florida, Georgia and Texas launched their leagues almost simultaneously in 1997. Florida was only a few months ahead for weather reasons. The mild winter weather in Florida allowed the teams to compete at their 4-way meets earlier than in Texas and Georgia. Florida eventually adopted the meet schedule of the other leagues in the quickly growing National Skydiving League to match the synchronized competition draws and share the leaderboards of the regular season.

The winners of the Florida, Texas and Georgia Skydiving League 1998 (Genesis - Convergence - Mr. Pink) were invited to the NSL Championship at Skydive DeLand for the first time in 1998, with all expenses covered, sponsored by SkyVenture Orlando.

Texas Skydiving League May 2004
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 22,M,3 C,E,F,L,K B,6,17 D,H,14,2 4,Q,1 J,N,19,11 Total Avg
1 Dallas Thunder 14 21 18 15 12 12 92 15.3
2 Rave 11 21 14 10 9 9 74 12.3
3 Dallas Tantrum 11 16 12 12 10 10 71 11.8
4 Touch N Go 8 10 8 8 9 8 51 8.5
5 Mischief 6 10 4 6 8 6 40 6.7
Rank AA Class 22,M,2 C,E,F,L B,6,11 D,H,14 4,Q,1 J,N,19 Total Avg
1 Random Chaos 1.2 5 7 7 5 3 5 32 5.3
2 Pinky V 5 5 6 2 2 6 26 4.3
3 4 of a Kind 3 2 4 6 5 3 23 3.8
4 Avalanche 3 4 4 3 4 3 21 3.5
5 4 Fun 2 2 2 3 2 2 13 2.2
Rank Rookie O,M,L E,F,C B,K,D O,D,H E,Q,G B,J,N Total Avg
1 Funnel U 1 1 0 1 2 0 5 0.8
Scott Latinis with Texas team Dallas Thunder in 2004
Scott Latinis, one of the longest standing and most experienced Formation Skydiving competitors in the world, remembered the early days of the Texas Skydiving League, with the first TSL Director Joe Hazel managing the league events in Texas.

Scott Latinis participated at the first TSL events as a competitor in different teams and continued in 4-way and 8-way even at times when the Texas Skydiving League was not very active.

Teams from Texas have always played a significant role at the USPA Nationals, as they usually came well prepared by adequate training and sufficient competition practice to perform at the national championships.

Even through the more quiet years of the official Texas Skydiving League the more popular skydiving centers continued to offer 4-way and 8-way events to the Formation Skydiving community at events like the Dallas Super Cup or the Texas Shootout. The "Pre-Nationals" were recently added by Skydive Spaceland-Houston.

Scott Latinis is now bringing the random events back under the Texas Skydiving League umbrella, while Dallas Super Cup and Pre-Nationals still continue with the same competition format as in the past years.

Amphibious Attack Tigers in 10-way and 8-way at the USPA Nationals 2018

USPA 10-way gold in 2018: Amphibious Attack Tigers
Scott Latinis was competing in 4-way when the Texas Skydiving League was launched in 1997 and when the first events were posted on the NSL leaderboards beginning in 2004. He is still competing at the national championships and at the regional events in Texas more than 20 years later and on a regular basis.

The NSL News had introduced Scott Latinis and details of his competition profile with the story on 7 November 2017. It provided an overview of the wealth of Formation Skydiving competition experience that he brings into the Texas Skydiving League this year.

It was a review after the USPA Nationals 2017 where he had attended all four Formation Skydiving events (4-way - 8-way - 20-way - 16-way) and won two sets of medals with Arizona Airspeed lineups. Last year he won 10-way gold and 8-way bronze with the Amphibious Attack Tigers, plus 16-way bronze medals with Lite 350 Tiger Monsters.

Eliana Rodriguez was Scott Latinis' 8-way team mate at the USPA Nationals 2017, and Michelle Karamon in 16-way at the same event. All three together are soon launching the 2019 competition season with their own NSL league events in Arizona and Texas and then meet again at the USPA Nationals 2019.

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