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Did You Know...

... that seven teams competed in Ohio?

Vertex at the first meet of the Great Lakes Skydiving League
posted Jun 28th, 2000 - The Great Lakes Skydiving League had a great season opener last weekend at AerOhio. Seven teams completed six rounds for the first GLSL rankings of the inaugural 2000 season. Two teams competed in the Advanced Class, five teams in the new Intermediate Class.

4 Dead in Ohio won the Overall Class with an average of 8.0 points. Between the two Advanced Class teams, Sintrifugal Force stayed ahead of Vertex. Both teams are training at AerOhio.

AerOhio supported the season opener of the Great Lakes Skydiving League as the host of the meet and as a sponsor, as well. Other meet sponsors were Jumper Sportswear and Lightning Creepers. AerOhio and Jumper Sportswear provided the league director, Mark Belmont, with 100 T-shirts for the new league.AerOhio also gave free beer and dinner to the participants. Lightning Creepers provided all teams with their new creepers for this meet and donated some cash into the league funds.

Airspeed's Dan BC had been coaching the days prior to the meet and continued to work with all teams throughout the competition. He also helped to manage the meet on the competition day. Randy Connell was the event judge and received full approval from Dan BC for his work.Five teams gave each other a close race through the whole meet.

Each of the first five teams in the final rankings scored the highest score in one of the rounds. This is very unusual for a competition. More often, there are two or three teams responsible for the highscores per round. At the end, Vertex and Phase, tied for fourth place, were only seven points behind the winning team, 4 Dead in Ohio. This situation is promising more exciting competition to come in the other meets of the Great Lakes Skydiving League. The next competition is scheduled for July 15-16. It will again be hosted by AerOhio.

RankTeamClassRd.1Rd.2Rd.3Rd.4Rd.5Rd.6TotalAverageGLSL Points
14 Dead in OhioInterm.8791086488.010
2Sintrifugal ForceAdv.968977467.79
3Minimum 60Interm.8610975(-2)457.58
T4VertexAdv.978773 (-2)416.86.5
6TacamoInterm.4(-2)554 (-2)64284.75
7Hi-LoInterm.1(-2)1331 (-2)2111.84
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