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Did You Know...

... that original HayaBusa member Andy Grauwels is leaving the team?

NMP PCH HayaBusa in 2002
posted Nov 25th, 2021 - Very surprising news came from Qatar and spread around the skydiving world quickly, just a day after NMP PCH HayaBusa won their 14th consecutive CISM military world championship title. It was not new world class scores, competition videos or NSL Live Talk with the Belgian team. It was once again related to the lineup.

The last HayaBusa updates covered mostly the integration of newest member Michele Silvi and David Grauwels' move from inside center to the camera slot. Both changes happened before the successful title defense at the FAI Tanay Mondial 2020, which was the 4th consecutive victory at the FAI event, and they happened very smoothly.

The update from Qatar brought the surprising news that original team member Andy Grauwels is now leaving the team. He published a statement that announced his departure after 20 years of training and competing with the reigning FAI indoor and outdoor and CISM world champions.

Andy Grauwels has become one of the most successful 4-way competitors in the history of the sport. He was on his way to break all history records and become the first 4-way competitor to win five consecutive FAI world championship gold medals next year in Eloy. This is not going to happen, according to his announcement.

20 years competing with HayaBusa NMP Pch What a ride!! I have had the opportunity to grow from the ground up and compete with the best skydivers in the world and some of my idols before I even started the sport!

My dream as a kid has come true by winning the Excalibur sword not just once but 4 times. In fierce battles both indoor and outdoor. Winning even more victories than I could ever dreamed of...

My time has come to say goodbye to the team and start new projects and new opportunities in life. I want to thank all of the members I have had on this journey for all the good times and the many podiums we climbed together. My best of luck to the team for the future and that they may keep charging and winning and continue the legacy of Hayabusa?

Now I keep the door open for new experiences that come. First I will take some time off to spend with my lovely wife, the woman that has always stood by me and supported me all these years through the good and the bad and together we keep enjoying life to the fullest!

Big thanks to all my sponsors that have believed in me and provided the team with all our needs, my friend and coach Gary for his guidance, my family, friends and fans that I cherish deeply.

FAI Indoor World Meet 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank 4-way Open M,K,D,14 Q,4,5 P,E,9,15 3,N,G,2 6,1,8 F,12,11 13,22,J H,L,B,18 O,20,A,17 21,7,19 Total Avg
1 NMP-PCH Hayabusa  BE  39    36    42    35    27    32    29    42 -1 38    31     351 35.1
2 Weembi High Rollers  FR  38 -2 33 -1 44    32 -1 27    29 -1 26 -2 47    37    31     344 34.4
3 Arizona Airspeed  US  39    33    40    30    27    29    24 -3 39    33    27     321 32.1
FAI Tanay Mondial 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank 4-way Open O,19,Q,5 17,B,E,P H,15,12 M,N,7,F K,L,C,4 J,18,16 ---- Total Avg
1 NMP-PCH Hayabusa  BE  32    41 -1 23    43    30 -4 24 --   -   -   -     193 32.2
2 SDC Rhythm XP  US  25 -2 35 -5 22    39    26 -4 22   -   -   -   -     169 28.2
3 Qatar Tigers  QA  24 -1 38 -2 19    34    26    19 -2-   -   -   -     160 26.7
CISM Military World Meet 2021
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Total Avg
Rank 4-way Male M,11,Q,F M,P,B,14 M,A,21,C M,L,R,10 M,N,19,G M,O,H,17 M,E,K,4 M,D,J,22-- Total Avg
1 NMP PCH HayaBusa BE 35 -2 34 33 31 33 -1 44 -1 31 -4 31 -   -     272 34.0
2 Qatar Tigers QA 34 29 27 -2 29 30 40 33 28 -1-   -     250 31.3
3 Germany DE 31 29 28 24 26 38 -1 27 25 -   -     228 28.5

FAI Indoor/Outdoor and CISM world champions: NMP PCH HayaBusa
NMP PCH HayaBusa in 2021
Andy Grauwels' current team mates have obviously accepted the decision, and they are wishing him well for his life without HayaBusa:

"Words from one of the greatest champion in skydiving history. In our eyes THE BEST flyer in the whole world. HayaBusa would not have existed without him. He deserves all the love in the world. We will miss the laughs, fast skydives, fierce competitions, and most of all the fun we had together. We wish him all the best for the future and may life bring him the happiness he deserves."

The fact that his team mates know him as "THE BEST flyer in the whole world" will make it extremely difficult to replace the team's outside center. The HayaBusa front piece, with Dennis Praet in the point slot, has been well known for a breath-taking performance.

Andy Grauwels was the only remaining original HayaBusa member in the active lineup, after his brother David Grauwels switched from inside center to camera, and Michele Silvi became the new team member. He started in the point slot himself before switching to outside center when Dennis Praet joined the team.

The NSL News will follow up with more information of the new NMP PCH HayaBusa situation as soon as possible.

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