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Did You Know...

... that Kirk Verner and Steve Hubbard tested the A Class together at Paraclete XP?

Steve Hubbard (right) in A Class lineup in March
posted Apr 21st, 2021 - The month of April is not over yet, and the first scores and videos for the leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League have already been posted.

XPG4 members Morgan Womble, Jeana Billings and Brenn Richards organized the April event at Paraclete XP once again, and they were also back with Kirk Verner in their lineup to perform the two Open Class sequences (AAA/AA). The same lineup with inside center Kirk Verner had also performed the two sequences in March.

Doug Barron had filled Michelle Karamon's XPG4 inside center slot in February. Michelle Karamon still lives in Arizona and is usually not available for the Indoor Cloud League events at Paraclete XP. Only XPG4 and AZXP8 training camps bring her to North Carolina. Michelle Karamon organizes the events of the Arizona Skydiving League, together with Eliana Rodriguez.

Kirk Verner helps out as a player-coach for the Indoor Cloud League events whenever he is available. This time, he did not only step in for Michelle Karamon to perform the AAA/AA sequences with the other three XPG4 members. He was also the player-coach for the A Class lineup that scored the 19-pointer for the A Class sequence.

Indoor Cloud League April 2020 - Paraclete XPAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Morgan Womble, Jeana Billings, Brenn Richards, Kirk Verner2522----47
Steve Hubbard, Michael Connor, Chris Webb, Kirk Verner--19---19
Carin Liljehal, Jorge Chacon, Radim Studeny, Jeana Billings---20--20
Emily Brummett, Tithus Smith, Brenn Richards, Morgan Womble----111425

Paraclete XP's Best of April252219201114111

Kirk Verner and Steve Hubbard in A Class lineup in April
Kirk Verner had Steve Hubbard in the A Class lineup, which was the first time that the USPA National Director and Chair of Competition Committee (Kirk Verner) and the USPA Director of Competition (Steve Hubbard) competed together in the same 4-way team.

The NSL News update from this year's Paraclete XP Indoor Championship on March 13th included NSL Live Talk with Kirk Verner and Steve Hubbard, where they explained that USPA introduces the A Class as a new category for beginners at the national championships this year.

Steve Hubbard has used the Indoor Cloud League events at Paraclete XP for his own field test of the new category. He was in the A Class lineup in March and now posted Paraclete XP's highscore for the A Class sequence of April. There he connected with Kirk Verner who supports the new category, as well. Steve Hubbard recently explained that the A Class will begin as a test event this year, and it will probably be tested again in 2022, as well.

Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League highscores in April
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