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Did You Know...

... that the ICL team from iFLY Dallas is sporting two teams for the Paraclete XP meet?

iFLY Dallas Indoor Cloud League team in 2016
posted Feb 15th, 2021 - The iFLY Dallas team opened the 2021 season of the Indoor Cloud League with the highest total since 2016. The Texas group of 4-way fans joined the Indoor Cloud League in May 2014 and have posted January scores ever since.

The ICL teams all posted their scores on the same leaderboards in the first two years (2014 - 2016) until two different sets of draws separated the participating teams in the larger 14+ flying chambers from the teams on the 12+ leaderboard.

The six ICL sequences were tailored to fit all flying chambers before the introduction of the 14+ leaderboard in May 2016. The new set of 14+ sequences used the complete dive pool, and the two Open Class sequences (AAA - AA) have naturally been slower ever since.

The iFLY Dallas team switched to the 14+ leaderboard, together with several other teams who performed in larger flying chambers, and the monthly totals decreased. The total of 102 points for January 2021 is now the highest January number for iFLY Dallas.

Indoor Cloud League 2016
Rank January H,15,K,5 J,9,15 H,K,7 D,G,A M,H,K M,J Total
1 Hurricane Factory  CZ  22    24    20    19    23    30    138
2 iFLY Dallas  US  20    20    15    16    21    28    120
3 iFLY Seattle  US  15 -1 21    24    13    20    26    119
4 iFLY SF Bay  US  18 -1 20    16    14 -2 15 -1 26 -3 109
5 iFLY Orlando  US  14    18    19    21    15    15    102
6 SkyVenture Montreal  CA  19    23    23    23 -1 -    -    88
7 SkyVenture New Hampshire  US  11    11    18    5    9    18    72
8 iFLY Virginia Beach  US  -    15 -1 19    -    24    -    58
9 iFLY Houston  US  -    8    12    -    -    -    20

iFLY Dallas Indoor Cloud League team in January 2021
The scores and videos from Texas followed the ones from iFLY Tampa, the first of the new year, and iFLY Dallas has taken the top spot on the new leaderboard. There are still additional scores and videos coming for January, even though the conditions for any indoor and outdoor events are still challenging.

Kyle Hermberg, ICL organizer at iFLY Dallas, had exactly the same lineup available for the AAA/AA sequences as in December 2020 (Caden Maydew - Point, Michael Erickson - Outside Center, Kyle Hermberg - Inside Center, Aaron Perkins - Tail). The same team will also compete at the upcoming Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2021.

Kyle Hermberg is the defending champion of last year's national indoor championship event. He won the AA/Intermediate Class competition with Barhons. This time, he is visiting Paraclete XP with the iFLY Dallas lineup and could still be eligible to defend the title in the same category.

Last year, four of the ten AA/Intermediate Class sequences at Paraclete XP could have been drawn for a AAA/Open Class competition, and the iFLY Dallas team seems to be well prepared for this option.

iFLY Dallas - JanuaryAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
TeamsF,18,K,17 H,18,14 D,L,4 D,L,H M,F,K M,DTotal
Aaron Perkins, Caden Maydew, Kyle Hermberg, Michael Erickson1413----27
Raj Sarkar, Tarynn Ecton, Michael Erickson, Kyle Hermberg--10(-1)---10
Arpit Tyagi, Nick Anderson, Aaron Perkins, Donaldo Grajeda---16--16
Deanna Anderson, Kali Ecton, Caden Maydew, Donaldo Grajeda----242749

iFLY Dallas Best of January141310162425102

iFLY Dallas Indoor Cloud League Highscores for January 2021
Flying Unicorns in Training at the Dallas Super Cup 2020
Kyle Hermberg said that there is another iFLY Dallas team soon traveling to North Carolina. The Flying Unicorn Circus in Training entered the 4-way world at the October meet of the October competition of the Texas Skydiving League.

The lineup has changed, and Raj Sarkar (Point), Pressly Bonner (Outside Center), Tarynn Ecton (Inside Center) and Christina Edwards (Tail) will now compete for the Unicorns at the indoor event. Christina Edwards replaced Dylan Tompkins in the tail slot after the Dallas Super Cup 2020.

All Unicorns members have posted scores and videos for the iFLY Dallas team and participated in different lineups. Raj Sarkar and Tarynn Ecton had Michael Erickson and Kyle Hermberg as their team mates and player-coaches at the January event of the Indoor Cloud League at iFLY Dallas. All four Unicorns members were also in three different lineups at the December 2020 event.

The Flying Unicorn Circus in Training competed in the AA/Intermediate Class at the outdoor meet of the Texas Skydiving League last year. They will probably end up on the same leaderboard where their more experienced ICL team mates post their scores.

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