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Did You Know...

... that Agera FS 2022 is the first team on the NSL Cloud Mondial January leaderboard?

Training in DeLand: Agera FS 2022
posted Jan 21st, 2021 - Agera FS 2022 has been in the NSL News since the team was founded in 2019. The Norwegian team caught the attention of the NSL News first time in Kjetil Nordin's update from the Norwegian Nationals the same year.

The new and young team finished only in 2nd place behind a pick-up team with experienced Norwegian 4-way competitors (Yngve Bøe Haugom, Ulrik Høgsberg, Pål Kolbenstvedt, Kjetil Nordin). The next update from Norway on 16 March 2020 featured the team a year later with videos from a training camp in DeLand, Florida, and with NSL Live Talk recorded during the same outdoor training camp.

Agera FS 2020 had changed the team name to Agera FS 2022 after the cancellation and rescheduling of the FAI Mondial Tanay 2020 and an extension of the team project for two more years.

The same lineup ended up once again in 2nd place at the Norwegian Outdoor Nationals 2020, despite a significantly increased (11.9 - 13.9) scoring level. This time, it was the highly experienced Punky Fish lineup (Lise Aune Nansen, Ole Petr Hjelle, Pål Kolbenstvedt, Kjetil Nordin) who took the 4-way top spot in Norway last year. However, Agera FS 2022 was already sanctioned as the Norwegian national 4-way team for the FAI Mondial 2020, and the recent developments in Formation Skydiving competition with two consecutive world meets in 2021 (Tanay) and 2022 (Eloy) are bringing both events to the Agera FS 2022 schedule for the near future.

Norwegian Nationals 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 78 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class K,8,14 15,N,21 D,22,11 18,H,E,16 6,2,M P,3,Q,C 7,A,13 F,B,10,20 Total Avg
1 Punky Fish 14 16 12 14 -1 18 21 19 17 131 16.4
2 Agera FS 2022 14 -1 14 11 -1 14 15 -1 15 -2 16 -1 12 -3 111 13.9
3 Humleswing 9 8 8 9 -1 11 10 -1 8 -3 8 -2 71 8.9

Agera FS 2022 outdoor training in March 2020 - NSL Live Talk
All-Star Team at the Norwegian Outdoor Nationals 2019
As many other teams, Agera FS 2022 is looking for opportunities to collect competition experiences. It is even more important for a new and young team to become familiar with the competition environment, and especially with the atmosphere of international events.

Agera FS 2022 traveled to Belgium in September 2019 to compete at the European Skydiving League Championship 2019, with substitute Pål Kolbenstvedt in the lineup. It was still the only international competition so far for the Norwegian national 4-way team.

The NSL Cloud Mondial was invented to offer such an opportunity for the time period in which the corona virus crisis impacts on the sport. Agera FS 2022 was not a part of the original event last year. However, the success of the event motivated National Skydiving League and InTime to continue with a new NSL Cloud Mondial January 2021 and probably more monthly events to come.

It made only sense to include indoor competition for the new event series, as the combination of winter season and corona virus pandemic makes it much more difficult for teams to find places where they can jump from air planes. Agera FS 2022 is now the first team on the new NSL Cloud Mondial leaderboard.

NSL Cloud Mondial January 2021
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 11,10,22 16,H,D,8 13,5,F A,9,2 Q,14,J,P B,19,G,7 17,O,L,21 1,N,6 12,M,20 18,4,3 15,C,K,E Total Avg
- Agera FS 2022  NO  - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Agera FS 2022 with the NSL Cloud Mondial January sequences
Punky Fish at the Norwegian Outdoor Nationals 2019
The three competitions that the Norwegian national team has attended were all outdoor events. The NSL News database has no Agera FS 2022 indoor scores yet. The first ones will now be added at the end of the month, as soon as the InTime judging panel completes the evaluation of the videos.

The videos from Norway brought an issue to the surface that has not been covered yet by the NSL Cloud Mondial rules. The start of the working time in a wind tunnel depends much on the entry door into the flying chamber, and how much effort teams invest into practicing the entry formations at a specific wind-tunnel.

The nature of the NSL Cloud Mondial events is meant to include as many teams as possible at different skydiving centers and wind-tunnels, where jump-planes and entry doors can be very different.

The monthly Indoor Cloud League events have offered a solution for this situation from the very beginning, with the start of the 35-second clock at the break of the first formation. The military CISM world championship rules have applied a similar format for outdoor competition, with a Star as the exit formation and the start of the working time at the break of the Star, or after five seconds. The topic will be addressed and discussed between InTime, judges and NSL. Feedback is welcome...

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