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NSL Cloud Mondial 2020

NSL Cloud Mondial 2020
4-way Open

Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 PDF
AAA 22,21,M 5,C,J,H 7,3,6 10,E,9 18,L,B,F D,20,15 17,P,A,1 8,Q,12 N,13,K,11 G,14,O,2 4,19,16 PDF
AA 22,21 C,J,H,M 7,6 E,9,F 18,L,B D,20,15 P,A,1 8,Q,11 N,13,K G,14,O 4,19 PDF
A 21,2 C,J,H 7,6 E,9 L,B,4 D,19 P,A,M 8,Q N,K,F G,O,J 4,19 PDF

Did You Know...

... that Optimum CTR posted a new 25.1 team record average in Brazil?

Optimum CTR's outdoor lineup in training
posted Sep 27th, 2020 - Formation Skydiving training and competition activities are resuming in Brazil, as well. It was in November 2019 when André Ferraz, organizer of Brazil's part of the World Tunnel League, hosted the last indoor competition at iFLY Sao Paulo, a few months after the Brazilian Outdoor Nationals.

This weekend he was back with indoor competition, and the teams were very eager to put some scores on a 4-way leaderboard. In fact, the total number of 13 teams at iFLY Sao Paulo was a new record for participation at an indoor competition in Brazil.

It was the first time that André Ferraz offered the Rookie Class at his indoor meets, and four teams in this category helped to generate the new record participation.

André Ferraz is the organizer of the Brazilian Tunnel League, and he is also the team founder and only original member of the Brazilian indoor and outdoor champions, Optimum CTR. The record participation must have been inspiring for him and his team mates, as they also finished the eight meet rounds with a 25.1 team record average. It is the highest result of a 4-way team in the country's history and significantly higher than the previous 22.8 that Optimum CTR posted three times between December 2018 and June 2019.

World Tunnel League September 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class E,13,H,3 A,C,J,Q,7 17,9,11 5,1,16 18,O,G,6 21,15,K P,2,M,F B,N,19,8 D,L,14,4 20,12,22 Total Avg
1 CTR Optimum BR 23    36    23    21    22    23    32    21    -    -    201 25.1
2 Just4Fun FI 21 -1 32    22    20    18 -1 20    27    21    (16) -1 (15)     181 21.2
3 So Pressao BR 20    31    19    18    18    29    18    21    -    -    174 21.8
4 Go Fly BR 20    27    20    18    19    26    18    16    -    -    164 20.5
5 Optimum Red BR 14    26    19    17    17    30    18    20    -    -    161 20.1
6 Netunos BR 17    25    17    15    17    23    16    16    -    -    146 18.3
7 Sörkan Laskuvarjourheilijat FI 17    19 -4 15 -1 15    16    15 -1 22    15 -1 (14) -1 (13)     134 16.1
8 Anima BR 12    19    14    11    12    17    11    14    -    -    110 13.8
9 Plano B BR 12    19    12    11    9    20    12    13    -    -    108 13.5

Record averages: Optimum CTR and So Pressao at the September meet of the Brazilian Tunnel League
Optimum CTR's outdoor lineup
The 25.1 average moves Optimum CTR up into a new category on the international scale. In the past, the best Finnish teams behind the Pro Team, Just4Fun and Blue Steel, were able to be within striking distance of Optimum CTR, as they did in June 2019. The Brazilian team now seems to be ready to take on the best Finnish team, and possibly even the HF Cubs of the Czech Tunnel League.

All three leagues of the World Tunnel League will eventually run their events in the same months during the coming indoor season, which will then create new and very exciting international indoor leaderboards.

However, the NSL Cloud Mondial 2020 will first conclude the 2020 outdoor season before the main focus switches to indoor competition.

Organizer and Optimum CTR member André Ferraz did not only generate new record participation and the highest 8-round meet average with his team last week

He and his indoor team mate Juliana Sé were also player-coaching a second team, Optimum Red, through the same 8-round competition at iFLY Sao Paulo. with Debora Schroder and Augusto Rosa in the lineup.

Go Fly and Optimum Red at the September meet of the Brazilian Tunnel League
Optimum CTR's indoor lineup
André Ferraz and Juliana Sé were Optimum CTR outdoor team mates, as well, before Juliana Sé decided to continue only with indoor training and competition, as the NSL News reported on July 10th. The Optimum project now consists of three different teams.

André Ferraz, George Narita, Alisson Vargas and Jorge Neto train and compete together at outdoor events. Juliana Sé replaces Jorge Neto, the newest CTR member, for indoor training and competition, which allows him to focus on catching up with his new and highly experienced outdoor team mates.

Last and not least, Optimum CTR members are also helping other Brazilian 4-way competitors with player-coaching lineups, as André Ferraz and Juliana Sé did with Optimum Red at the recent competition. The Red lineup was even close to CTR in a few rounds (6 and 8) and battled with Go Fly for the 3rd place. So Pressao finished with a new team record average, as well. So Pressao and Go Fly both had finished ahead of a different Optimum CTR lineup at the November 2019 competition.

The next indoor meet of the Brazilian Tunnel League will be held right before the outdoor championship in November (22 - 27).

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