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Did You Know...

... that Kirk Verner and Brian Krause have an open 8-way account with Mathieu Bernier?

Quick switch to indoor training: Airspeed XP8
posted Jul 18th, 2020 - The NSL News update from Paraclete XP was supposed to feature some fresh outdoor footage of the U.S. teams currently training in Raeford. Arizona Airspeed's 4-way training was over on Friday, and videos of some training jumps will still be uploaded soon.

Airspeed XP8 had actually scheduled outdoor training, as well. Unfortunately, a team member had an ear infection, and freefall would have been painful. However, the logistics in Raeford allow a team in training to adjust to such a situation quickly. It was easy for Airspeed XP8 to switch from outdoor to indoor training, and the U.S. 8-way team replaced the outdoor agenda with three sets of 10-round draws on Saturday morning.

It is the same 8-way lineup in Raeford this week that the NSL News had covered with the update on May 15th. Andrew Happick is again filling Matt Davidson's slot, who has his hip surgery scheduled for the upcoming week. Andrew Happick will continue with Airspeed XP8 until Matt Davidson has fully recovered, and he will also be the team's alternate until the end of the FAI Mondial 2020 in Tanay next year.

Arizona Airspeed's 4-way and Airspeed XP8 members Niklas Hemlin and Mikhail Markine had explained in yesterday's NSL Live Talk how the regular transition from 4-way to 8-way training and vice versa has been working for them. Their new team mates Christopher Kuhlmann and Joey Marshall train and compete only in 4-way.

Airspeed XP8 training on 18 July 2020 at Paraclete XP - NSL Live Talk with Kirk Verner and Brian "BK" Krause
Arizona Airspeed at the FAI World Meet 2006
Michelle Karamon and Jeana Billings are in the same situation, with switching back and forth between XPG4 training in 4-way and Airspeed XP8. Only Kirk Verner, Brian "BK" Krause and John D'Annunzio train and compete only in 8-way. Kirk Verner and Brian Krause took some extra time after the completion of Saturday's XP8 training for a new NSL Live Talk at Paraclete XP.

Kirk Verner and Brian Krause are the oldest and most experienced Formation Skydiving competitors in the lineup, together with Matt Davidson who will be back as soon as he has recovered. He is not present at this XP8 camp to guarantee perfectly healthy conditions going into the surgery.

Kirk Verner and Brian Krause said that they appreciate the energy and motivation of the 8-way team mates who are also training in 4-way. Michelle Karamon and Jeana Billings are in a similar situation as their former Ranch 2nd Generation team mates Christopher Kuhlmann and Joey Marshall with Arizona Airspeed.

They had explained during yesterday's NSL Live Talk that they can't wait for the next training camp to begin. Kirk Verner and Brian Krause said that Michelle Karamon and Jeana Billings are just as much always encouraging the 8-way team to train enough.

Two of the three sets of 10-round draws on Saturday
U.S. 8-way team at the FAI World Meet 2008
Kirk Verner and Brian Krause both have been following the 8-way development in France, where the 8-way lineup recently changed, as the NSL News reported on June 23rd. They both know Mathieu Bernier not only as the French national coach.

Brian Krause was the team captain of the Golden Knights when Mathieu Bernier became the first and only Formation Skydiving competitor who won FAI gold medals in 4-way and 8-way at the same world meet. The Golden Knights finished seven points behind France in 2nd place at the FAI World Meet 2010 in Menzelinsk, Russia.

Kirk Verner finished 2nd behind Mathieu Bernier in the French 8-way lineup at the FAI World Meet 2006 in Gera, Germany, with a 4-point difference. He was back as the 8-way alternate for the U.S. team two years later in Maubeuge, France. Brian Krause was in the active lineup of the U.S. team, and Mathieu Bernier won once again, this time by 11 points after seven rounds.

Kirk Verner and Brian Krause both expect the French 8-way team to become even stronger with Mathieu Bernier stepping in for Clementine Praet. The new and young French lineup outscored Paraclete XP8 already by four points at the FAI Outdoor World Cup 2019.

There surely is an open account between Kirk Verner and Brian Krause, and Mathieu Bernier. However, there is one current XP8 member who has defeated Mathieu Bernier in 8-way competition. Matt Davidson was in the Golden Knights lineup of 2016 who finished 40 points ahead of France. It was a different situation though, as the French 8-way team of 2015/2016 did not train much at all. This time, France has put all resources into 8-way training and competition. Kirk Verner and Brian Krause are aware of this difference, and they know that they have to be in great 8-way shape in Tanay next year...

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