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Did You Know...

... that the Southern California Skydiving League is alive?

On home turf: Elsinore Elevate
posted Jun 17th, 2020 - The NSL News reported on June 14th that Skydive Elsinore hosted the first outdoor competition of the year with the June meet of the Southern California Skydiving League. The same story explained how the National Skydiving League network will try to master the corona virus crisis and its aftermath as good as possible under the circumstances.

The next and separate leaderboard with the same ten sequences in all four NSL categories (AAA - AA - A - RRR) for the month of June is now showing indoor scores for the same competition draw. The indoor scores are coming from Finland and Czech Republic.

The same sequences will also be used for the next upcoming outdoor meets in June, and the teams from Southern California will hopefully enjoy company on the shared leaderboard. Arizona and Florida will try to run their events this weekend at Skydive Arizona and Skydive City.

In the meantime, Josh Hall and his staff at Skydive Elsinore have provided more details of last weekend's first 2020 outdoor competition and some of the meet videos. The meet story was written by Skydive Elsinore's event coordinator Mary SantAngelo, who competed with Elsinore Elevate.

NSL Outdoor June 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class K,11,B,16 21,6,P A,13,18 5,J,O,M 14,N,3 17,Q,1 Total Avg
1 Main Street Jambalaya 10    11    11    16    9    14    71 11.8
2 Elsinore Elevate 11    12    12    12 -1 10    12    69 11.5
Rank AA Class N,11,21 6,P,M A,13,18 15,J,O 14,E,K Q,1,B Total Avg
1 The Perrisites 7    9    6    4 -3 5    8    39 6.5
2 Rave Monsters 6    8    4 -3 5    2 -3 8    33 5.5
Rank A Class G,6 M,21 A,7 O,9 E,K,J Q,B,P Total Avg
1 I Need Air 5    3 -4 5    6    6    3    28 4.7

AAA Class winner in Round 6: Main Street Jambalaya
The National Skydiving League is alive, up and running with the Southern California Skydiving League hosting the FIRST competition in the country since the Covid-19 shutdown. Skydive Elsinore had five teams attend the event, two teams in AAA, two teams in AA, and one A Class team.

The competition brought a smile to every skydiver's face, knowing we are rising above the Covid-19 shutdown. Rust was flying off some teams, while others were excited to see what their short training would bring.

It was a tight race in two of the three categories, points going back and forth between teams. The two AAA Class teams went into the 6th and final round tied in 1st place.

Main Street Jambalaya broke the tie with the 14-pointer and an average of 11.8 compared to Elsinore Elevate with 12 points and an average of 11.5 after Round 6.

The AA Class had two teams with Perrisites taking 1st place and Rave Monsters six points behind. A Class pickup team I Need Air with a 4.7 average.

Main Street Jambalaya - Rave Monsters - The Perrisites at the June meet of the Southern California Skydiving League
Visitors from Perris: The Perrisites 2020
Keep an eye on "Main Street Jambalaya" who hit their training hard the moment Skydive Elsinore opened, and now with iFLY Oceanside open, the team is training hard. Elsinore Elevate went into the competition with no pre-training, due to the Covid-19 shutdown, and with a substitute that had not ever flown with them. We look forward to the team coming back together and see how well they pick up speed before attending the USPA Nationals 2020.

Perrisites, with player-coach Eric Prime, have done a few training jumps post Covid-19 shutdown, and they are planning on attending the USPA Nationals 2021.

Rave Monsters have been doing a lot of training under coach Christy Frikken. They had a number of hours in the tunnel before the Covid-19 shutdown, and as soon as they were allowed, they were jumping and flying in the tunnel. This is a "young" team with jump numbers of some team members under 500.

Pickup team I Need Air had one member who made his first post-Covid jump with the team. Another member had just returned the week before, after an 18-month lay-off due to knee injury/surgery. Another member has less than 200 skydives. The 4th member was below 500 skydives, but lots of tunnel training with coach Christy Frikken.

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