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Did You Know...

... that new NSL Live Talk features Airspeed members Christopher Kuhlmann and Joey Marshall?

Ranch 2nd Generation at the USPA Nationals 2019
image by: USPA/Omniskore/Paraclete XP
posted Jan 13th, 2020 - It was in June 2019 when the NSL News had the last recorded NSL Live Talk conversation with the complete Ranch 2nd Generation lineup, except team videographer Kamuran "Sonic" Bayrasli, who did not film his team at the Paraclete XP Summer Classic.

This interview might have been the last one with the popular U.S. team. There was a new opportunity at the USPA Nationals 2019, where even Sonic was back behind the camera. However, there was no indication that R2G could be at the end of the team career, and other topics received the NSL News attention.

It did not take too long after the USPA Nationals until things changed dramatically for all team members, and the June interview turned out to be the last one.

Michelle Karamon and Jeana Billings had enjoyed their double duties with R2G and Paraclete XP8 in 2018, which concluded with FAI indoor gold medals in April last year. Christopher Kuhlmann joined his two team mates after the indoor world meet, won the USPA 8-way qualification for the world meet and continued with XP8 through the FAI Outdoor World Cup 2019. Joey Marshall was by himself and waited patiently until his R2G team mates had time for some 4-way training and planning. Even until the beginning of October 2019 and the world cup there was no sign that Ranch 2nd Generation would come to an end.

NSL Live Talk with Ranch 2nd Generation at the Paraclete XP Summer Classic 2019
New Arizona Airspeed 2020 lineup
Michelle Karamon, Jeana Billings and Christopher Kuhlmann were ready to train and compete with XP8 in 2020, while Joey Marshall and Sonic would wait for their additional 4-way opportunities with R2G.

Everything changed when Arizona Airspeed's Niklas Hemlin and Mikhail Markine decided that Christopher Kuhlmann and Joey Marshall would be their best choice to re-build the 4-way team in the long term. The selection of the new Airspeed lineup finally terminated any potential future plans for Ranch 2nd Generation, and Sonic has to live on without his beloved home team.

Of course, the change of the course after the world cup last year offers all four R2G members first-class opportunities, as the NSL News explained in detail on 26 November 2019. Joey Marshall and Christopher Kuhlmann have several years with Arizona Airspeed ahead of them, Michelle Karamon and Jeana Billings have the opportunity to win FAI 8-way gold medals with Airspeed XP8 this year in Tanay.

All four R2G members of 2019 will meet each other at upcoming meets, next time at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2020. However, the next NSL Live Talk with the complete lineup would only be a reunion in front of the microphone at one of the events.

NSL Live Talk with Airspeed members Christopher Kuhlmann and Joey Marshall at iFLY Orlando
Indoor coaching at iFLY Orlando
The two new Airspeed members are currently visiting Florida, and SCZ ZEUS member Amer Kassas used the presence of Christopher Kuhlmann and Joey Marshall to offer their flying and coaching skills to his Florida Skydiving League community, first at iFLY Tampa, and a day later at iFLY Orlando.

The NSL News used the same opportunity for a new NSL Live Talk with the two former R2G members. The interview with the complete R2G lineup in June at Skydive Paraclete was recorded inside of the Twin Otter during the outdoor competition. Last night's conversation took place inside of iFLY Orlando's 12-foot flying chamber at the end of a very busy indoor day, for Christopher Kuhlmann and Joey Marshall, and for iFLY Orlando, as well.

They concluded their coaching in Orlando before going back to training and learning by themselves. They have scheduled two days of skills training with coach Solly Williams at iFLY Tampa, who was working with Arizona Airspeed in the past. They will follow up with Airspeed outdoor training at Skydive Arizona and 4-way indoor training at Paraclete XP before traveling to Spain for the Wind Games.

Christopher Kuhlmann and Joey Marshall both will be much more visible in the future. They have quit their jobs and will make their living in the skydiving world...

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